What to Wear on a 'Lounge' Date

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  1. i never know what to wear when i'm just lounging around with the boyfriend - and my friends. i need something for those times when you want to look cute, but not "too dressy." in other words sexy but casual? i feel like i've got date clothes and work clothes and too many Juicy's but nothing else. is there nothing in between?
    i have nothing that works for:

    - lounging/relaxing around the house, hanging out with the guy.
    - shopping/lunch/relaxing with girlfriends.
    - casual nights (which usually involves me joining him & the guys after the game at a bar) - this is when i want to be casually sexy but not "too" dressy.

    can ANYBODY help me?!?! suggestions?? pleeeease!
  2. - lounging/relaxing around the house, hanging out with the guy.
    generally if i'm just home with my SO, i'll wear a silk slip (my cozy apartment) or a short silk or velvet dressing gown (his underheated house :P)

    - shopping/lunch/relaxing with girlfriends
    for shopping, i always try to wear clothes that are versatile for trying-on, which for me usually means thinner boot-cut jeans (easier to remove and put back on than skinnies) and a zip-front hoodie (again, easy to remove without getting makeup & hair all disheveled!). i don't like to wear skirts or dresses for shopping, because then i can't walk out of the dressing room to get a second opinion if i'm only trying on a shirt . . .

    for lunch out with girlfriends i'll wear a day dress or skirt & top. for hanging around at someone's home i add leggings or opaque tights underneath so i can lounge around without inadvertently allowing my friends to get to know piggy a little too well, KWIM? :biggrin:
    outfit to meet some old friends for lunch last summer in nyc:

    - casual nights (which usually involves me joining him & the guys after the game at a bar) - this is when i want to be casually sexy but not "too" dressy.
    jeans, leather jacket over a cute camisole, maybe silk or with a bit of a lace or decorative trim . . . i went to a casual bar to meet some friends last wednesday and wore this outfit:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  3. cute ideas lvpiggy - thanks! i always feel like i'm bumming too much (juicy tracksuits) or too "much." :smile:
  4. When I'm trying to be sexy but not look like I tried, my favorite look is skinny jeans with chunky heeled knee high boots and a sweater with a deep V neck in a slouchy cut/fabric like merino wool or ultrafine cashmere.
  5. It's definitely tricky doing the 'relaxed' sexy thing. You can tone things down a little with pieces like:

    - flattering jeans, flats/boots with low heel and a sweater/tee shirt; loose hair, minimal makeup
    - little cotton dresses with flats; same hair/makeup as above
    - at home with your partner, nice flattering good quality robes/chemises/sweats depending on your personal preference.

    Something to remember is that while you may be hanging out with him and his mates, you are not his mate - you're his partner, girlfriend, wife. You don't have to fit in with them, they meet different needs of your SO than you do. They might be wearing rugby shorts and singlets/wifebeaters - you certainly don't have to. You're a girl - wear a dress if you want to. Go to the game wearing a cashmere sweater if that's your style. Maintain your personal style and don't feel pressured to dress down just because you're out with the boys/friends. It really is better to be more dressed than less dressed.
  6. elle tee - this outfit sounds great!! i really think i need to shop my closet and get a few new sexy basics.

    Thanks for the above suggestions, Bitten. Those are great ideas for when we're at home watching SportsCenter for the 3rd time in a row.

    And you make a good point, i don't need to "tomboy" it up around the guys. If i'm overdressed, so be it. He's made a point of it once before and I think it made me self-conscious. He's that "simple small town guy who moved to the big city" with his big career. He loves me in velour tracksuits or jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt, so I have a tendency to feel overdressed in anything but that. BUT, i forget how much he loves it when I'm in a dress. I'll keep what you said in mind!
  7. This is part of what can be so frustrating with guys - they say they love a relaxed girl, but then when a girl walks into the room wearing a gorgeous dress, suddenly guys all want that! It took me a long time to decide for myself that I would dress how I want with my partner, not like a girl-dressing-like-a-boy to make his mates feel more comfortable.
  8. ooh i love all piggy's ideas!