What to wear on a cruise?

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  1. We are going on a cruise early December for five days in Mexico. I was wondering what people wear on the cruise during the sailing days? What do you wear at night? I have heard that you have to get dressed up for dinners. How dressy does that have to be?
  2. I just wore regular clothes. Jeans, tanks, camis, during the day a bathing suit with a skirt and tank. Most cruises are casual. You do need to wear a dress or nice pants to dinner unless you have freestyle dining. They usually don't allow jeans in the dining rooms, but everywhere else it is okay!
  3. vests, well-gitting tees, a bikini, large sarongs that you can turn into a sun dress/skirt/cover up, flip flops, HEELS (yes, you saw that right. heels.), sexy sandals, a nice dress. and of course, a tan with great lip gloss to top it off.
  4. I just got back from the carribean cruise.
    Most people wears casual clothes during the day, mini skirts, camis, tanks, shorts, jeans. In my cruise, there is a bulletin every single day that tells you whether the dinner will be casual or formal. They also have a portrait night where you can take pictures with professional photographer after dinner so you will want to look pretty. As for formal dinner, the guys wear suits and the girls wear dresses. Every night is different which is quite fun.
  5. Not too long ago I went on a cruise, and I wore dresses to dinner. I think people don't always know for sure how formal the attire should be for these things, so at dinner, like 70% of people were formally dressy (girls w/dresses, guys with shirts/slacks), and the others just wore sweaters, jeans, tanktops, etc. If it helps, I wore a black BCBG grecian-style dress on one night, and an ABS Schwartz empire-waist halter dress that was about knee-length on the other. They were cuuuuuute :P but not TOO formal like an evening gown or something.
  6. Thanks everyone! I really like the idea of getting dressed up for the dinners. And also being totally casual during the day. I am going to pick out some outfits this week and post them so you guys can help me pack! Thanks again!