What to wear in Whistler ??

  1. I am going to Whistler, BC (Canada) for the Holidays and have absolutely no idea what to wear. I have read it is extremely cold. What ski apparel 'brand' should I buy?? Any help appreciated.......:flowers:
  2. Where do you live?
    In the realm of skiing destinations Whistler's weather is extremely mild which makes everything wet. Especially in December.
    Unless it has changed since I lived there.
    Buy something gortex ( its waterproof )- I have always liked Patagonia stuff. Skip the trendy ski outfits, you'll look like a drowned rat during apres ski drinks.
    Save your trendy stuff for the nightlife
  3. I wear Patagonia, Shyloo is right, don't get all gussied up for the actual skiing. I also dress different depending if I am going to cross country or downhill...more layers for cc..
  4. Thanks Shyloo and Irishgal -- I live in L.A. and usually go to NM for snow.....this year we thought to do something different. I have been looking through those web cams and Whistler looks COLD........burrr....but still want to look cute...

    Shyloo -- do you suggest somewhere to see, eat, do ? I will be there New Year...
  5. I am in LA too. Have a great time!!
  6. I agree with Shyloo about the mild weather. It might look cold from the pictures but it's not as bad.
    I found layering is very important, what I usually wear for snowboarding is an under armour shirt or a burton thermal undershirts (they are pretty cute too and work amazing) these type of shirts keepyou warm without having to pile on 10 layers.
    And definitely stick to the waterproof gear it might be mild out but once you get wet then you'll start feeling the cold very quickly.
    If you can make sure you get the gear before your trip usually the stores around the resorts are way too overprized.
    Have fun!
  7. Helly Hansen jackets are pretty good. I'm envious, Whistler is such a cool place, you'll have a ton of fun there. Its been years so I don't remember the names of places there, but its really easy to get around, and they are all right there!! Hope you have a good time!
  8. make sure you keep your feet warm and wear 2 pairs of socks! my toes hurt real bad every time i go there. i usually just layer a LOT of stuff. Laying is good cuz you tend to get hot and cold as you go in and out of stores, in motion and when you are walking...it is cold...very cold...wear like tights and leggings inside your ski pants!! KEEP WARM!
  9. When it comes to ski fashion and after-ski style, I don't think you can go wrong with shopping the Gorsuch catalog. Oh my gosh, this stuff is gorgeous. Much of it is out of my price range, but the ski clothes are in-line with everywhere else that sells the same brands.

    Gorsuch Ltd.
  10. Whatever you do, plan to go to apres ski. Thats like having a drink after skiing or boarding. Between 3-7 pm its like a ritual among singles in Whistler. The apres ski bars ( usually at the bottom of each hill- Merlins at Blackcombe and The Longhorn at Whister Mountain) are packed during these times. Thats when you find out where everyone is going that night and its a great place to meet people.
    Tommy Africa's is the place for DJ music, they have go-go dancers and its pretty loungy. Very trendy and you can dress up to go there and not lok out of place.
    Garfinkles and Buffalo Bills, were the more "local" places to go when I lived there. I hear that Garf's is still really good, but its more like a basement party than Tommy's. I highly recommend it, esp if you are single.

    For dining, Il Caminnetto de Umberto and Araxi's has always been good. Val'desar has excellent French food. If you like sushi, Sushi Village is top notch, with third generation Sushi Chefs that have been there forever. For deli, Ingrids Cafe has been there forever and for good reason, its awesome and good value.
    Just stay away from the chain restuarants like the Keg and Earls, there are too many other options out there.
    PM me if you want, like I said, I lived there for amost 5 years and loved it. Its changed a lot since I have been there, but I still have friends there.
  11. I love Spyder ski wear. Spyder 2006 . The higher end jackets run about $650. Expensive but nice looking.
  12. Just looked at the Spyder website. Love this jacket
    062202.100.large.jpg 062202.678.large.jpg
  13. I was there in march a couple of years ago and it was great. i stayed in chateau wistler by fairmont and the dress there was pretty casual compared to that kind of resort in a city, simply because its a ski resort. dress in the lobby ranges from people in skiing clothes and ski boots to jeans and a nice top and maybe a few people in dressy casual items. but these people were likely going to a special function. some of the other hotels are even more casual.

    for skiing i would go with north face and patagonia. north face makes a brilliant gortex jacket with a zip out liner so if u live in a warmer climate like me you can just zip out the liner and wear it as a raincoat. In atlanta we don't see too many snowstorms lololol!

    for going at night out i think i wore my typical ski resort attire which is cable knit cashmere sweaters, jeans, and a peacoat or my ski jacket if it was snowing. for shoes i usually wear uggs, my bcbg black boots or my brown micheal kors boots.

    ps. go to mongoli grill in whistler village its really good!
  14. Anything by North Face for jackets, stylish sweaters, skinny jeans with uggs or casual tall boots. Don't forget your toque (Canadian for winter hat), and mitts (matching of course!). Oh and a scarf too.

    For skiing, I totally agree with bagsforme. Spyder jackets are great for skiing, they're thin (great for movement) but yet warm, and they have tons of pockets for your cell phone, money, etc... And they're very stylish. Orage is another brand with great ski wear. North Face is bulky but good for when you're just walking around the Village.

    If you're scared about the cold, then layer your clothing. Put on a long sleeve t-shirt underneath your sweater, and then your parka. Invest in thermal underwear to wear under your jeans (I've seen some nice ones at Costco). If you're skiing, you can just wear your thermals under your ski pants, that is if you don't plan on taking off your ski pants until you get back to your hotel room!

    Bring your LV keepalls for luggage, you'll be sure to attract attention.

    I own a condo in the Westin Whistler Hotel. You're a lucky girl to get to go to Whistler. I don't get a chance to go that often! I work too much!
  15. Thank you all! I always get the gorsuch catalog...but this time decided to open and search through choices for boots. I am looking for something warm and stylish.
    This weekend found some Loro Piana items....jacket, sweaters, etc...it's a shame I live in L.A. and am only able to wear these items for a couple of weeks....

    Caliprincess -- do you rent your condo out ??