What to wear in snow? (help NYers!)

  1. I'm off to NYC not this Wednesday but next and just seen on the weather that it's heavy snow towards the end of this week (so I'm guessing into next week when I'm there too!!) :crybaby:

    I LIVE in my Ugg boots. Seriously, the only things I wear when I'm not out somewhere more formal but I'm worried about ruining them in the snow? What do you or NYers wear when it's 'heavy snow'?

  2. In heavy snow I wear my Sorel Caribou boots and have seen a few NY gals wearing them. How much major walking are you going to be doing and in NY they clear the snow so quickly you really don't need to worry about snowy pavements. I was in NY during a blizzard and only had sneakers with me and had no problems with wet feet......I did spend most of my time in shops though!!
  3. when there's real snow i always wear my really ugly but warm and hard bottomed lands end boots. they're hideous but i tend to slip alot even when it's not wet and snowy and icy so i need something to keep me down LOL. i wouldn't wear uggs since they do get wet and it's not fun. but as mooks said- they clean up nyc streets very fast so it's never too bad. hth!
  4. Thanks guys! I just water-and-snow-proofed my uggs!!
  5. I just looked at the weather myself and it only says light snow so you'll be fine!! I'm going next week :yahoo:
  6. I wear my after ski boots or a pair of boots I have that look like cowboy style boots but they have rubber soles.
  7. uggs would be my bet... but to be honest, when they say "heavy snow" in nyc it really means storm will miss us, it never happens especially this season, i dont think you will have anything to worry about.
  8. I think uggs are fine when it's cold, but not actively snowy or slushy. When it's wet out, I find that Lands End or Sorel boots do the trick. Ugly, but when my feet are cold and wet I am miserable, so it's worth it :smile:
  9. one of my friends in NYC says she wears her rainboots
  10. I wear my ugly UGGS. Its supposed to snow friday night, but it will probably & hopefully just end up being rain. But they do clean up the streets in the city really good. You should not have a problem at all.
  11. unless it's a blizzard, snow on the streets of nyc doesn't last. the snow is scheduled for friday, so you'll be fine by next week. well, until the next snow at least :p
  12. lol
  13. Waterproofed Uggs will do it, but the NY'ers are right - if there is snow, it doesn't last long. I was there a few weeks ago and wore my Uggs on the plane (very warm and comfy btw) and never wore them in NY at all (oh, except when the fire alarm went off at my hotel at 3am - thankfully they were on the floor by the door) as it ended up being sunny.
  14. Ugh DO NOT WEAR UGGS because the salt which they use on the sidewalks will KILL them ( not the snow)

    I am from Buffalo, NY - the snow capital of the east- so heres a snow girls advice-
    you want to have a pair of leather knee boots with heels that are fairly chunky. You want enough traction so that you dont fall on your butt, but a heel if your going to wear jeans, pants etc so the snow doesnt melt and get your pants all gross and wet (which once it get the bottoms wet, the moisture travels up the pant >_<) Also knee high helps in the high snow and if your pants do get wet you dont feel it up your leg.
    Leather is the way to go because its the only thing i have that the salt they use on the roads/sidewalks doesnt kill the shoe (it discolored my uggs completly).

    :smile: hope that helps
  15. i just wear my timberlands