What to wear in Paris (for a guy)???

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I know that this is more a girl's question :shame: but... I'm a guy who's going to Paris in a couple of months and I was just wondering... What should I take to wear?

    Is better to wear more "fashionable" pieces (a.k.a. Cavalli jackets, Dsquared2 sneakers, D&G ripped jeans [...]) or to keep it low profile (example: a black Prada jacket, a black shirt, simple jeans and sneakers)?

    I need some guidance... :sweatdrop:

    Thanks ;)
  2. Really depends what kinda look you want to go for, and depends on the events you're going for. Are you going for a holiday or for business?
    I figure that you'll be going to Paris at the end of winter? Starting of spring?

    A more fashion forward approach: a nice printed shirt. layer on a v-neck sweater or a waistcoat..depending on the temperature, and then a bomber jacket. (A bomber jacket simply because it gives an edge to the outfit. I reckon that a blazer or trench coat with these inner layers would be more formal) Wear with dark blue straight cut jeans or skinny jeans, if you dare. Pair them with pointy black shoes or brown shoes. And don't tuck in the shirt..will give it an edge.

    If you want to wear something more low profile, yet look cool and fashion forward, my recommendation would be: A sharp shirt, layer a cashmere cardigan over or wear it with this season's large jumper-jacket. If you wear the cashmere cardi with the shirt, wear it with a trench coat. Pair them with jeans of your choice and boots.

    Of course, you can accessorise the outfits with scarves (if you use a women's scarf, fold it neatly 4 times, and it becomes a muffler), a beret/military-style cap, a man-bag/tote/over the shoulder satchel. A simple watch works well, and always look groomed! (Bring moisturizer as it's gonna be dry)

    Hope this helps! :smile:
  3. WOW... Great pointers :yes:
    Thanks for your help :yahoo: I'll definetely follow you're tips!

    I'll be going to Paris on holiday with a friend in the end of February (so... end of Winter) which is perfect to use most of the clothing and acessories u suggested! ;)
  4. Hopefully so!! I love the weather during the end of feb, starting march.. really nice and cool.. not too cold, not too warm. but then again, the weather's very fickle...
  5. I have French friends. They are conservative dressers: button down shirt, a pullover, a blazer, jeans, loafers. But fitted and well-made.

    I would leave the Cavalli and D Squared for Italy....
  6. ^^^
    Agreed. I was just in Paris a couple of weeks ago. I didn't see any ripped jeans. As for sneakers you could get away with low toped classic black converse, really the only sneakers I saw other than Pumas. Its a very different scene fashion-wise from Italy or London from what I saw - loved it though - have a great time!