What to wear in Orlando in March/April

  1. Hello everyone!

    I am going to Orlando for a 10 day trip in the beginning of April, and I'm having trouble figuring out what to wear... :shrugs: I'm going to attend an IT conference, and the invitation says "casual comfort, but remember AC makes it cold inside"

    How hot is it really in Orlando at this time? As you can see I'm from Norway, waaaaay up north with 10 months of winter a year, so I'm pretty clueless....

    Can I go for loafers, jeans, tees and basic long sleeve cotton tops? Maybe a tank and cardigan, with a silk scarf?

    I'm not really a skirt person, I like classy and comfortable, but I'm afraid wearing jeans may be too hot?

    Guess I could add that for the last 4 days I will have a mini-vacation and plan on doing a lot of shopping :yahoo:

    Any tips are greatly appreciated :yes:
  2. Hi :nuts: I lived in Orlando for 3.5 years. Usually around this time it is nice and breezy. Still cool in the early mornings and at night, and temperatures usually in the mid 70s to low 80s during the day. Here is a link to a 10-day forecast as of today - 10 Day Weather Forecast for Orlando, FL - weather.com

    I would bring a cardigan(s) with you to your conference, in case the meeting room is cold (usually they are!). Jeans, short-sleeved tees and sleeveless tops would be great. Sandals, loafers, etc., would definitely be something to pack. Around this time I would usually stop wearing long sleeves and go for 3/4, short sleeves or no sleeves :p But in the morning I'd usually need a light sweater. Then again, I'm a Florida native and anything below 70 degrees is cold to me :nuts:

    Have fun! Hope you get to do lots of shopping!
  3. My son has lived in Orlando for the past couple of years. The weather there around this time of the year is perfect. However, at night it can get a little chilly.
  4. It's already in the 80's here (I'm 2 hours north of Orlando and on the ocean, so it will be cooler here), so you'd be fine with shorts. Personally, I don't think it's that chilly at night. Mid 60's usually. But yeah, bring a lightweight layer for the conf room.
  5. ^^^sounds good
  6. Thanks everyone, great advice :smile: Can't wait to go :yahoo:
  7. You know what to bring now, but wanted to mention that you should definitely go the Millenia Mall for shopping. They have Gucci, Chanel and LV, plus Juicy, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales! :yes:
  8. Orlando is usually very HUMID- I would advise cotton and as few layers as possible (though a light jacket or cardigan would come in handy indoors).
  9. im going to orlando first week of april too.. so it'll be in the 80's?

    definitely making a trip to the mall @ millenia, my fave :smile:
  10. Thanks for the advice! Already have a huge day planned at the Millenia Mall :yahoo: Going to LV to buy a scarf and maybe a little something something... :graucho: Definitively going to Bloomingdales/NM to look for my favorite 7 for all mankind jeans, dying to go to Sephora and also to Victorias Secret to stock up on basic bras and panties (having them shipped to Norway is f.... expensive).

    Just have to say, you ladies are so lucky to live in the US, my town, or should I say my country has nothing but crappy H&M (I hate H&M :cursing:)
  11. I would go for as much cotton as you can. What about capri jeans and a tank top with a button downed shirt over it? I think that would look nice. You might get hot with jeans.
  12. Thanks, will try to pack a pair of capris or cotton/linen pants. Just have to go shopping first, up here it's all wool , fleece and more wool :wlae: