What to wear in LAS VEGAS

  1. Hi ladies, I need some advice. I am heading to Las Vegas for the first time next month. What do I bring to wear?!?! I know the weather in December will be cooler- in the 50s most likely. I am planning on getting pretty dressed up at night, but what about during the day?? Do people dress up all day long? If not, what should I plan on wearing? Jeans, skirts, dresses? Should I plan on bringing a jacket, or just layer? And I assume there is a lot of walking- so do I plan on heels or flats? And I was planning on bringing my louis speedy 30 for the daytime, but then I thought it may be too big if we end up doing some of the attractions like rides, etc. I don't know how to plan this wardrobe, without overpacking! Help!

    Anyone been there lately? What should I bring?!?!
  2. Truly anything goes - if you want to dress up - go for it. You cannot be over dressed there, however if you want to be comfy, you can do that, too. (You may feel like that the next day!) You need a light layer in the casinos. And you DO a lot of walking. You need at least one pair of really comfy shoes. (I have had to buy shoes there because the ones I had were hurting me . . . too bad) 2 handbags - one day, one evening. Have a great time!
  3. since it's your first time going there i think you should go for comfort first. i'm assuming that you want to do some sight seeing and all, so wear some comfortable shoes. i would go for some really nice jeans, cute flats and a super cute top. you can make your outfit somewhat dressy with the top. but it all depends on what you really want to wear. pursemania is completely right my friend had to buy some flip flops at one of the shops on the strip, her feet were killing her and she had no choice except to buy some new ones in order for us to go from one casino to the next. i know your going to have a blast, stay safe and i'm hoping to see some pictures when you get back!!!:P
  4. they do have a lot of cute shoes there, though . . .:roflmfao:
  5. ITA. Anything goes. You will see people at shows and out around the Strip in anything from sweats to jeans to skimpy outfits to dresses to suits and anything in between.

    Be ready for a lot of walking. Things that look very close for walking can actually take an hour or two so grab a taxi or the free light rail that takes you up and back a good part of it. The hotels/casinos are HUGE once you get inside, so again a lot of walking is in order.

    Yes, take a larger tote/shoulder bag for practical purposes and a fun one for evening out. Cheers!!
  6. dress comfortably! wear comfortable shoes! alot of the casinos may look really nice but most everyone is very casual. you can dress up at night if you are going to a nice dinner but for the most part, everyone stays casual. In the fall/winter the weather during the day is beautiful and the evenings can be mild to chilly.

    p.s. watch your bag! there are pickpockets galore in vegas.
  7. You should bring a nice handbag for going out and one that you can carry on your shoulder or crossed over your chest. It's more practical if you're going to be doing a lot of casual stuff. You don't want to have to babysit your handbag a lot when you're getting distracted by slots and stuff. It's safer to have something that you can wear against your body.

    As far as clothes go, bring lightweight casual clothes that aren't too restrictive. Also, I would not recommend that you bring too many heels if you plan on visiting a lot of casinos on the strip. Everything looks like it's within walking distance but it'll take a lot longer to get there due to big crowds on the street and heat.
  8. Agree with what everyone posted. It really depends on what you want to get out of your trip. Have fun!
  9. Ditto on the comfy shoes!! One of the times I went we walked from Flamingo to Treasure Island for a show and my feet hurt so bad in the shoes I was wearing, I had to buy $15 ugly flip flops that I never wore again. :biggrin: But wear whatever you want, just be comfy!! I usually wear jeans, comfy flats, and a cute top like someone else said ... depending on whether 50* is cold for you may depend on the jacket (it's cold for me because I live in FL, haha, so I will definately be bringing one when I go in Jan.).
  10. omg! first time to VEGAS is always the funnest!!
    The first time I went there and I over packed. NOT GOOD.

    I usually go there when its scortchering hot. So i NEVER bring any jeans, no socks (b/c flip flops for walking and open toes for the clubs). but since its alot cooler, you cant go wrong with bringing 1 pair of jeans/ or juicy terry fit...

    bring a light sweater for the day, and as carrying a purse, I always bring my gucci belt bag, becuase im hands free, and it will fit basically my card holder with id and cc, keys, camera. during the night, dont bring a clutch (2 packed inside the club and you might lose it, however, do bring a pochette)

    oh vegas, oh what fun! have a blast!
  11. Everyone is right. Layers are good. It can get real chilly when the sun goes down. Pretty fast too. Shoes have to be comfy!!!! Wear the nice, fancy, uncomfortable shoes when you are going to the club, or to dinner.
    Take a taxi to Fremont Street Experience at night. It's pretty cool--but you don't want to walk.
  12. Thanks so much everyone! Seems like comfort is the way to go during the day! I usually am the one to make the mistake of bringing the uncomfortable shoes and then hobbling around all day. Luckily I have some really cute flats this year! And they are comfy. I'll save the heels and nice outfits for night.

    I live in NYC, so the weather will *hopefully* be a little bit warmer than it is here in late December. I'll definitely layer. If it's anything like the casinos I know in Atlantic City, the casino floors are always freezing!

    Thanks so much for all the advice. I was picturing everyone decked out in party clothes day and night!!! :blush: