What to wear in France?

  1. I am off to France next week, still not sure what should I bring. I will be in the southern part for most of my trip, which is about 3 weeks.
    Will it be cold enough to wear a coat? What about shoes/boots?
    Any help is greatly appreciated. :heart:
  2. hi i was just in paris a few weeks ago and let me tell you, those parisian women are fashionable! everyone was wearing boots or heels of some sort, with peacoats or trench coats. it was pretty cold when i was there and even rained one night so I would say a coat is a good idea. have fun on your trip!
  3. Thank you! :smile:
  4. Thanks for the info, still trying to limit my options.
    Did you see a lot of black while you were there?
    I am trying to decide weather I should take a black coat or a yellow/sand -like color one
  5. I'm leaving for Paris next week too! :yahoo:

    I would keep it casual and classic- nice jeans with a black sweater, ballerina flats, dark fall-like colors, understated makeup and nails.
  6. yes, i saw a lot of black peacoats and trench coats over business atire. overall, the women there are dressier than here in california.
  7. Well I lived in France for a couple of months and French women's style is always impeccable. I stayed in the south of france so I would say dress nice on most occasions. The french never dress down and always seem to look nice even if they don't try. Definitely a nice coat, black or colored. Flats are nice but a pair of heels for night. Have fun & and whatever you wear I am sure you will look fab!!!
  8. The key in France is ACCESSORIES. Women there can wear a pair of jeans and a sweater but they will be impeccably accessorized. It must be something they are born with, because I have never been able to get it right with the same kind of flair that they do.
  9. In winter, all people see is your coat/shoes/bag/scarf (and the lower half of your legs). In consequence:

    Bring a coat/peacoat which is nicely tailored to fit you well.
    Jeans are OK as long as they are dark denim and paired with boots/heels. Forget runners.
    Scarves, gloves and nice bags (not necessarily "it" bags) always make up for the rather dark and classic style of the French in winter. Some piece of nice jewellery helps too, like a big chunky ring or a spectacular necklace over a plain pullover.

    Keep the rest of your wardrobe to a neutral shape and solid colour and you will be away!
  10. Exactly! my Mom was just there last month and big rings, scarves and hats are really popular! I love wearing hats but it's impossible to wear it to work and then have to take it off. They look really cute paired with a peacoat.
  11. Paris in the spring ... what to wear?

    I was just there, but it was a very last minute trip, and I did not pack for it.

    I'm more curious about what people wear out to clubs after dinner. I mostly wore ladylike, feminine dresses with plisse silk or tulle details and high heels to dinner, but I did not go out after dinner.

    Thank you!
  12. after reading this thread I really want to visit Paris for a long weekend...