What to wear in a job interview?

  1. I've applied for summer job in an amusement park and they invited me to an interview.

    So what clothes are appropriate? Can just go as 'myself' and wear jeans, a wrap knit, feminine top and a big bag? I don't have any other pants right now so I have to wear jeans, and Im going there straight after school so I have to carry a big bag :s. So should I pair them with a more formal white shirt and a simple top? Or does it matter? It's only a summer job :confused1:
    Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks :smile:
  2. I would get another pair of pants - you should find something really cheap - but it just makes a better impression. Definitely wear formal - it is all about the impression, even if you will wear casual for the job - it is the first impression that matters most!
  3. What about the bag? Is it totally awful if I carry a huge slouchy bag?
  4. ooooh is it lintsi? :yahoo:

    i don't think they'll mind what you wear as long as you wear clothes! and your bag should be find, they know you're in school don't they? i usually tell people to wear a suit no matter what the interview is but even i would say this is an exception. they probably just want to see that you're responsible, there are a lot of health&safety concerns in an amusement park.
  5. I would buy some slacks or wear a skirt or dress. Even if it's an amusement park, that will show that you are motivated to get the job. Can you borrow a smaller bag from a friend? When you say slouchy, how slouchy. I think as long as it's clean and not brimming with papers and messy, you should be OK. I would just make sure you look neat and clean. If you have to wear jeans, wear some loafers and maybe a crisp white button down shirt.
  6. Thanks for the advice :smile:. And yes its lintsi :biggrin:! Im probably going to wear dark clean jeans and a white shirt and a white big semi slouchy bag :smile:
  7. i would avoid jeans. can you borrow some khaki's from a friend? how about a skirt (at knee or longer...no miniskirt). because its an interview you do need to dress up.
  8. i think khakis would look really really strange, nobody wears khakis in finland in february! they'd get dirty on the way to the interview. but what you could do is go to zara and get a pair of those 19.90€ trousers they always sell in black, brown, beige and navy (i'd probably avoid beige though, considering the snow/slush). they fit me really well and aren't that nasty shiny polyester crap :yucky:
  9. Hmmh, I have to think about that zara thing. But I really don't want to look overdressed, it's only a summer job. I don't want them to think of me as too serious :s. And I agree about the khakis. They would look great in the summer, but not for now. I think im sticking with the white shirt, but Im not at all sure about the pants! damn pants!! :biggrin:
    What about jewellery? I love big earrings, is it okay to wear them?
  10. they aren't suit trousers or anything, but they aren't jeans either which could be a good thing, but honestly i don't think they really care that much at lintsi. do you have a skirt you could wear? i know it's cold but if i can walk around in a mini skirt now so can you :lol: (not that i recommend you wear a mini skirt to the interview obviously) just double/triple up the tights!

    i wouldn't wear big earrings, they might not want you wearing them at work for safety reasons. tie your hair up if it's long too.
  11. I would not wear big earrings. Wear simple studs.
  12. Okay so no for the earrings. That was a good point about the safety thing annanas! It'll make a good impression if I don't look hazardous :biggrin: I have a lot of skirts, but Im really really afraid I'll freeze up my legs :biggrin:!
  13. :lol: if it stays sunny and you wear black tights it's actually surprisingly comfortable in skirts! i do wear two pairs on top of each other though. i got quite warm walking around and ended up changing from my big parka to a wool coat :wtf: it was really sunny though.
  14. Suck it up for one day, brave the cold and either wear a skirt or buy (or borrow) a pair of nice pants. I know you say it's only a summer job and it doesn't matter what you wear, but it does. I'll give you the best advice that I can give you and it is that first impressions are everything. People make up their minds about you in the first 60 seconds of meeting with you. The problem is that you do not know who is interviewing you. 99% of the interviewers may not mind if you wear jeans, but what happens if you get that other 1% that does mind? I would suggest that if you really want this job, you should overdress rather than underdress. It may only be a summer job, but that does not mean that they will hire you. Don't be over confident just because it's a summer job. You still have to give them a reason to choose you over the other candidates.

    Oh, and I really hope I didn't sound too harsh, but even though I don't know you, I want you to succeed. So don't let your wardrobe/appearance be the reason why you didn't get the job (and I know it sounds crazy that this actually could be a reason, but it's a fact of life). Good luck!
  15. No you didn't sound too harsh Jenny :smile: and I know you are right about the first impression thing, but I was just worried that it might give a bad impression too if Im overdressed :confused1: . Nevertheless I've decided to go a bit more formal for the interview, thanks to the advice you all gave me. Im probably going to wear a black skirt or black pants, white shirt and maybe a scarf in a nice colour to brighten the outfit up :smile: