what to wear for a wedding

  1. seriously i have not been at a wedding for the longest time (since I was a little girl) so I want some advise in terms of what to wear/not to wear in a wedding.

    I want to know if you can wear a floor length gown to a reception?? or would that be too formal?

    I probably have more questions as I look more into the dresses. But right now I need to narrow my choices down.

  2. Hello!

    Check this out:

    UK store Coast do sensational dresses and pieces to wear to weddings. I thought it might give you a good idea!

    Think bodice fitted top and flowing A-line skirt with volumising layers. To be safe I would go with 3/4 length dress or skirt. Full length is only appropraite for an evening soiree. Silk is the best fabric.

    Hope this helps! :tup:

    London Bag Lady x
    Coast dress 1.jpg Coast dress 2.jpg Coast dress 3.jpg Coast dress 4.jpg
  3. thanks bag_lady_london. It's very helpful!
  4. Is it day or evening?
  5. evening