What to wear for a date tonight?

  1. Ok - I have a date tonight after work. My office has casual Fridays so I have on jeans today with a short sleeve button up shirt with a sweater tank/vest type thing on top. It's cute enough for work, but I think I should change for my date tonight. Any ideas? Thoughts? What do you normally wear for a Friday night date? It's right after work, so I am thinking maybe a casual dress like an Ella Moss knit dress? Or maybe a nicer top with the jeans?
  2. I'd go with a nicer top with jeans and a Blazer and maybe a fun chic bag? Just be your polished self, and maybe add a nice touch of perfume?
  3. i would suggest a sexy top in a "pop" color like fuschia, coral or turquoise with the jeans. make sure you wear nice shoes/heels and most importantly, accessories! wear layered strends of necklaces and pretty earrings, to top it off, a nice patent leather clutch. hope this helps.
  4. I hate to sound redundant but yeah, a strappy top in a bright/satiny colour and a blazer. Some great heels and cute earrings and you're good to go!