What to wear: black tie wedding?

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  1. So I have a black tie wedding in september. Is cocktail too informal?

    I own this dress, is it ok?

    Help please!

  2. What time of the day does the wedding take place?
  3. Very cute dress...what is the material??? Also...what time are the events??
  4. And how traditional will it be? Historically one shouldn't wear black or white to a wedding, and there are still people who frown on those who do.
  5. Black tie requires a floor length dress plain and simple. This dress is WAY too informal. I'm sure that some ladies will turn up in a knee length dress (probably because they don't know any better). Fortunately you have tPF. Do not wear a light color: no ivory, pale pink, pale blue or anything close to what the bride will be wearing. However, the old adage that you can't wear black to a wedding is no longer valid. I recommend that you choose a floor length black or dark navy gown.

    Now, if the wedding is morning or early afternoon and it is an evening reception you need two outfits. Wear a simple suit to the ceremony and wear your dress to the black tie reception. I have done this plenty of times and it saves you from the discomfort of wearing and evening gown to church (just feels strange and uncomfortable). If wedding and reception are back to back, you can just wear your dress with a wrap to the church and take the wrap off at the reception. You could also change your jewelry (simple pearls at the church replaced by a blingy necklace at the reception).

    I have been to many black tie events and weddings, and I realize that there can be a lot of pressure to get it right. One thing is certain, black tie requires a long dress. Anyone who tells you otherwise has it wrong. Again, you can't control what other ladies show up in, but at least you will be confident that you are dressed appropriately!
  6. Here are some examples:


    (in black of course, not the white version)




    Find something that you feel comfortable in (and don't need a lot of Spanx etc. under). One nice black evening gown is something every woman should have in her wardrobe. If something else comes up and you need one, you will be prepared. You can always switch up your jewelry when you wear it and make it look different. Good luck!!!
  7. the dress you posted above is not for black tie event.

    you need a evening gown.
  8. I concur.
  9. I agree. The dress is lovely but not for a black tie event. It isn't formal enough.
  10. ITA. The dress in the OP is NOT a formal and is not black-tie appropriate.
  11. Thank you ladies, I guess I am going gown shopping!

    (on the bf's dime! :smile:)

    Can anyone recomend a place to go for the ladies who are not thin to find a nice gown?
  12. Also, does this mean I have to wear my hair in an updo?

    I am so clueless sorry!
  13. At the three black tie events I was at over the past year, not everyone was in floor length. I think if you had a solid colored black dress, as opposed to the more casual black & white print, it would have been OK. I generally have good luck finding dresses at Bloomingdales.

    And no, you don't have to wear your hair up if you don't want to.
  14. You definitely can wear your hair down or any way you want. I agree, the dress does not have to be floor length. It can be more of a "cocktail" dress if you prefer but it has to be dressy enough to go with men in tuxedos.

    Good luck and post pics when you find something!