what to wear at the "mercedes-benz fashion week Berlin"?

  1. hi everyone! I need your help. in two weeks I'm gonna go to the mercedes-benz fashion week in Berlin . me and my friend have vip-tickets yay:happydance:!

    now I'm wondering what do you wear, what is the dresscode? what is absolutely not done? I've never went to such an event before and I would like to fit in ofcourse :smile:.

    I've seen some pics at the official site but that is not enough info. I want to know what the non-celebrity people wear.

    naturally it depends on the weather too. I think it's going to be around 20°c / 25°c (= 68°f / 77°f). (hopefully a bit warmer than that)

    any suggestions?
  2. Well, I can't speak about Berlin Fashion Week but in Portugal, during fashion week, there isn't really a dress code... That said, u have a few "key" outfits that are always nice and fashionable (at least in Lisbon..):

    U can go with a more casual (yet trendy) look with a sexy top (maybe with a cute fitted jacket [due to the weather]), a great pair of jeans (dark wash is always nice), a pair of great heels and a designer bag.
    P.S. Do over do with logos... If u wear one in the bag don't do the shoes or vice-versa.. (otherwise u might look a litle fashion victim);

    Or u can go with a pair of black trousers and top with a pair of heels (a bright colour) and bag (again in a bright colour)..

    This are just a few suggestions... Hope I've helped ;)

    Oh... nd I must say... U have a lovely (and elegant) bag collection.. Congradulations!
    Your white guccissima bag would be an excelent choice to wear, in my opinion..
  3. thanks for the great info, Spoooky!!! that's a great help!
    Now I have some ideas in my mind ... I only need to have a nice jacket ... (I still hope I'm not gonna need one though) luckily sales started last saturday :graucho:.

    thanks! Spoooky!!! always nice to hear :flowers:!
  4. Anything goes at a fashion show. It's Berlin. I'm guessing people will be edgy and "punk rock." But dress however you like and have fun.
  5. well a fashion event is the perfect chance to dress up like a real so important fashion victim.
    if you want to keep safe, stick to black, it never goes wrong. and complete the outfit with some skyhigh heels and amazing bag, which will turn any outfit into a highlight.
    have fun at the fashion week!!!:nuts:
  6. thanks for the suggestions, sweeties!! I'm so excited :nuts:! I'll post pics when I'm back!

    And I think I'm gonna need a jacket :sad:. I saw the weatherpredictions and it's raining and only 18°c (64.4°F).
  7. black and amazing accessories. have fun!
  8. Let us know what you decide. How exciting.