What to wear at Christmas Celebration- LVs Cocktail ?

  1. help me!!:shrugs:

    thinking of wearing black that nite, but which hbg would be nice?
    these are all my collections:shame:

    -multicolor eliza black
    multicolor aurelia GM white
    epi leather passy red
    mono perfo speedy orange
    mono canvas papillon 30
    mono manhattan pm
    mini pleaty fuschia

    many thanx!!
  2. Epi Passy in red! : )
  3. I agree
  4. If you are wearing black to the event, I agree with the other ladies, the red Epi will sooo complete your outfit!
  5. ok..many thanx guys!! i'll consider the Passy..so anyone??
  6. ^I agree with the other posters...red Passy would look HOT!!

    Which LV party are you going to??

  7. really..thanx for your help!! still waiting for others comment as well..
    Christmas Celebration only for VIP members in Malaysia. Its my first time actually :wlae:
  8. MINI pleaty fushia! lol Iono, I usualy don't like denim, but I just a think that it would go well and stand out against black clothing.

  9. u think so?well..well..well..another option for me then..thanx cecilia
  10. I agree the epi red passy would be lovely, but I also like the black MC eliza with an all black outfit!
  11. well looks like you have a third choice from mickloisme!!! lol (MC Eliza)
  12. Yeah, my vote is for the black MC Eliza!
  13. gawd...another option for me from mickloisme...passy,eliza or mini pleaty??i'm confused!!:confused1:
  14. thanx dear!!another eliza..anyone?? herm so totally confused

  15. I hope your have a GREAT time!! :smile: