What to wear as a SAHM?

  1. I've been a SAHM for over 4 years and I'm in a total rut with clothing. Summer is okay because I can just wear a skirt or a dress and look decent, but I have trouble with the cooler months! I usually find myself just wearing jeans and long sleeved t-shirts or sweaters all winter long and I want to dress cuter! Anyone have any ideas on what kind of pieces I can get to look more stylish while not standing out too much with the jeans and t-shirt crowd? HELP ME!
  2. I need help too . . I call it my uniform! LOL!
    Jeans and 3/4 length sleeved tops or hoodies or track suits are my uniform in the winter.
  3. I'm always in gym clothes at the start of the day b/c I go to the gym right after my kids leave for school. After that I'm the same as you - jeans or sweatsuits. I love cute sweaters in the winter though w/ jeans and a cool belt.
  4. I am not a mom, but right now I am spending a lot of time at home as I am in between careers. My suggestions:
    If you like jeans, buy yourself a chic pair--one that makes you look GOOD! No 'mom jeans' with the huge pockets, NO elastic wasteband. Jeans with stretch are always a bit more flattering!
    Buy tanks/tees that you can layer! Buy warmer colors for fall/winter and layer. Worn with the cute jeans and simple long beaded or chain necklaces--so chic! Gold or silver hoop earrings with this look are simple elegance.
    Get 2 nice zip-tops. Juicy makes them in cashmere, terry, and velour. Don't get the bottoms though--I have seen too many women make the mistake of thinking that their bottoms look great, and they wear thongs with those Juicy sweatpants. Result: a little too much butt. A "NO"! Just get yourself a top to wear over the layered shirts and the jeans.
    1 pair of boots: leather, platform of lower, whatever you are comfortable with.
    1 pair of platforms: hey, they are IT for this season. Steve Madden and Jessica Simpson have some that look expensive but are reasonable.
    1 pair of chic 'kicks': LAMB by Gwen Stefani are some cool sneakers to wear with this cool look.
    Hope this helps! Rock your inner hot mamma!
  5. BTW-- you can mix and match layered pieces so that your new 'uniform' won't looks so tired. Accessories are a MUST.
    If you want to splurge, Chanel sunglasses (with the HUGE CCs) put together a plain outfit, Dior and Juicy also make cute sunglasses.
    If you are on a budget, try Target (they have great copies of the Gucci sunglasses and have all the stuff you need for the look that I put together above for less).
  6. I am also loving the cute little tank tops that have the shirt showing underneath them, they look really cute with jeans, and smarten up the look, but still would be considered casual. A thin leg jean in a great pair of boots also sets you apart from the usual jeans and sneakers look !!

    this type of top springs to mind, I wear a few like this during the day :yes: [​IMG]
  7. I'm the exact opposite! I always look better in the winter than the summer. Anyhow, my biggest advice would be: blazers, blazers, BLAZERS! They don't have to be suits (oh God no!) or even formal looking, just something cute. I'm not sure exactly what your style is, but the cropped jacket is big now. And depending on your budget, there are great options out there from Barney's to Target. And what I like about blazers is they're easy to accessorize (and easy to pair with jeans, in general). Something that I find fun is to put a vintage brooch on the lapel of a blazer or maybe wear a scarf around my neck. Or even better, a fur stole draped over one shoulder. If you're not the real fur kinda gal, then they have pleanty of nice faux furs. Wow this was long! Hope it helped!
  8. Deffinatly agreeing with your comment on the jeans, jewelry, and shoes. Although I wouldn't recomend platforms because while they're adorable, it's probably not the most practical for a mom. Maybe a wedge platform? And another good tip with jeans, if you're concerned about the pockets, cut them out! This always has helped for my sister.
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions! I see I'll have to do some shopping soon :smile:

    Vuittonhammie - do you have any suggestions for the layering tees you mentioned? I'm still pretty young (28) so I've been good about avoiding the mom jean thing but maybe I should seach for some really great fitting ones.

    Chloe-babe - I like the vest/shirt idea! Where did the picture come from?

    mr. couturier - I've always liked how blazers look but since I'm small I always look like a football player, whether there were shoulder pads or not! I know I'm going to have to get some tailoring done to have one fit right but I haven't seen any casual and stylish blazers lately. Do you have any recommendations?

    Thanks again everyone! I'm off to do some serious computer window shopping! :smile:
  10. Well, I've got no idea what kind of style you like or your budget, but I've seen a few adorable jackets from Target's Paul & Joe line. Here are two that I like:
    The second is a little more formal, but I think that it could easily be paired with some dark wash jeans. Also, what I find fun (and you may not be the same, but just a suggestion) is vintage shopping. AKA ebay for me! Here are some sweet blazers from different decades.
    [​IMG]< this one I just loved. Again, I don't know how comfortable you are with real fur, but it's big now. And this could easily go from day to night. Wear some jeans and it's and it's a warm jacket to go pick up your kids and look stunning (make all the other moms jealous!) or throw on a skirt and go out for a dinner with your husband. Also, you might want to consider those long cardigans that are in. They're very cute, casual, efficient, and warm (meh, for fall). If I'm totally off on your style, please tell me! I could probably find some things that would interest you more if this stuff doesn't do it for you.
  11. I think the P&J ones are cute. I was actually at Target today and I saw the black one. I was with hubby and son though and they were rushing me through the store. I'll have to go back by myself and check it out.

    No fur for me, but I love the long cardigans. I have a few but it gets so cold here that I can only wear them when I don't need a coat. Have you seen any good photos of casual outfits with blazers?
  12. Here are a few that I found on Neiman Marcus and Saks just for inspiration.
    [​IMG] This style is really popular now and if you're worried about looking broad-shouldered, this style is a good idea. It's actually just a thick cardigan so it could easily be worn casualy. I wouldn't recomend this one because it makes the model look a little bigger.
    [​IMG]This one's pretty basic, but it could easily be dressed up with the right shoes, bag, and accessories. A smart idea for shoes are wedges. From what I've heard, they give much more support and comfort than conventional heels and they're very in. You could probably find a blazer similar to this at Banana Republic or Gap.
    [​IMG]The cropped jacket is really in now too. It would really enlongate you I think if you're short or just uncomfortable with your height. Worn with a basic t-shirt and jeans, it's pretty functional.

    Also something to consider is instead of a blazer, you could maybe wear a unique shirt or blouse. Ruffle tops are in and so are a lot of 70-s inspired prints. Here's an example of both:
    [​IMG]Maybe not this exact shirt, but a similar one in a button-down style could be worn with jeans.
    [​IMG]Sorry it's so big! But this is a vintage Pucci, a big brand in the 70's. I can understand if you wouldn't want something this loud, but look for different things similar to the 70s.
    Hope this helped!
  13. sounds like mr. couturier has you covered - i love all that advice. i'm a sahm and i've posted a lot of pics in the wardrobe thread sticky "post your outfit."
    also, an easy cheat to looking super tidy is monochrome. like wearing all white - looks so polished without any effort (and i'm not out of my mind recommending all white to a sahm - oxi clean is a miracle product! lol). also, a nice scarf. it can be a headband, a headscarf, a belt. the extra touches go so so so so far.
  14. May I suggest Birkenstocks? I love sliding into mine as I'm chasing my kids out the door.

    My daily wear consists of jeans (Citizens, Sass & Bide or Miss Sixty), a T (longer length to hide post-baby muffin top), hair in a pony-tail, Chanel sunnies perched precariously on top of head, Balenciaga bag and mah birks.

    Fall/winter essentially is the same - add wrap cardigans (love the ones from Vince) and a pair of explorer socks. Yes....I still wear my birks in winter if I'm in a hurry. I know, what a dag!

    I do have to say that I like Mr Couturier's suggestions. I think I might need to start making more of an effort.
  15. I'm a SAHM and I'm TOTALLY offended by the elastic waistband= mom jean comment.
    And by offended I mean, LMAO ;)

    Dude. Mom's DO NOT wear those. Mom's in the 80's did because they were rampant!! THAT'S why kids from the 70's 80's call them "Mom jeans" !!;)

    I just finished adding some photo's to the "wearing today" thread.
    I'd have to say that as a SAHM, the first and last outfits are good ideas for comfort and contemporary.

    I love cotton, and it's easiest when your kid could bleed or snot on you at any given moment.
    But when the kids aren't around??? :graucho: whip out the good stuff.