What to wear? Any suggestions...

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  1. I am looking for a dress/outfit to wear to a wedding this May at the hotel Bel Aire. It isn't going to be the usual crowd because it is the marriage of two amazing men. I can't wait to go- but I have never been to LA (can't wait to go) and I have no idea what to wear. I have looked around here and haven't found anything fantastic to wear. Any suggestions as to where to shop (online most likely) to find a great dress, or what to wear???
  2. BTW- I have tried shopbop, NM, Saks and bergdorfs. Nothing fantastic yet. Seriously, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated because I have no idea what the Hotel Bel Aire is like= Oh, I forgot to mention, the wedding is on a sunday afternoon (luncheon).
  3. ^^^ I love that color! Now if I could only find something a bit more casual but in that color I think I would be set. Just not too much out there yet :sad:
  4. if you like vintage try poshgirlvintage.com, and if you are on a budget try asos.com i think they are both british sites but i think they ship most places. net-a-poter is always a classic if you have alittle more burning in your pocket. i hope it helps
  5. how about Elux, they have some very cute and reasonable nanette lapore things. Also I really love a DVF eyelet wrap dress, so pretty! It's on Saks, NM, and Nordstrom.
  6. Have you tried BCBG Max Azria? They have beautiful dresses. Goodluck.
  7. Thank you so much for all of your suggestions! I cannot believe that I did not even think of e-lux- I always associate that website with handbags! LOL! As for BCBG- I found a great dress on NM last call and it was only $91, of course when I went to buy it- it was gone :cry: So my search continues...
  8. try maxstudio.com as well.
  9. Try Jcrew.com or Bloomingdales.com
  10. Even though the Hotel Bel Air is pretty posh, no one in LA dresses really "fussy". Stay away from fitted suits or the like. I'd go with a nice floral dress, dressy sandals. And a to-die-for bag, of course!
  11. bagdley mishka made a new line which is a little more afforadable then their origional dresses and you can find it on saks.com
  12. Thank you so much pseub! I honestly had no idea what to expect- I think I am going to go with a floral dress (once I find one) and of course, the bag will be fabulous!

    Thanks again ladies for all this helpful info!!! I really appreciate it!:biggrin: