What to watch pay attention to for Hermes Birkin Courchevel?

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  1. Hi, I recently bought a Hermes Birkin Courchevel from sandiaexchange. This is my 1st Birkin bag. Can someone tell me what should I pay attention to for my bag, like rain and scratch? Thanks!
  2. Between the two I would say scratch. They can't be repared on chevre...
  3. Watch the corners, actually that's true of any leather. But once the grain is worn out, they can't do much to refurbish it.
  4. How is the grain worn out? Will bringing the bag to Hermes for spa help? Thanks!

  5. Can some answer this question? Thanks!

  6. The grain can be worn out by, well, being deeply scratched or abraded. You'll find that the corners get the most wear because of all the tension that the leather is under at those areas. That's why you'll find the better sellers on eBay will include pics of the corners when selling used bags. Spa treatments I don't find do much to bring it back, but avoiding banging the bag around will help.
  7. Thanks, hermesgroupie.:tup: For my birkin, I find a lot of scuffs at the corners and the sides.:crybaby: How susceptible is Courchevel to scruff and scratch? Thanks!

  8. It's not very susceptible, but NO leather is impervious. Unless you keep it in its box for all eternity, your bag will eventually show some wear. Just enjoy it!:flowers:
  9. HG- Is this the same for mysore? How does mysore fare against scratches and does it refurbish well?