What to use to conceal redness around the nose?

  1. Does anyone know of any good concealers to use around the nose area (redness, flaky skin, etc)? I use Maybelline stick concealer and it's awful!!! Are there any special cleansers, toners, etc. to use to reduce the redness?

    I appreciate any suggestions.

  2. I think it's the drugstore brand Physicians Formula, that's makes a green tinted concealer.
    You need a green/yellow color to counteract the red.
    I'd start w/ Aveeno's Calming moisurizer or a similar product and then dab green/yellow concealer or use the green/yellow powder and dust that on.
    Green is opposite red on the natural color chart so it balances it out.
  3. I had this same problem and it is caused by DEHYDRATION. That is, a lack of water in your skin.

    Look for products with sodium hyaluronate or hyaluronic acid in them. If they are an ingredient in a moisturiser that is great, but if you buy it as a serum you will need to put some moisturiser over the top of the serum so the hyaluronate has something to draw into your skin.

    Also, drink lots of water regularly so you treat the problem from the inside and outside.
  4. there's this stuff that is blue by R. Kamins (try googling it) and it really evens out the redness.it looks weird cuz it's blue but it def works!!
  5. Ohh that's interesting, and totally makes sense! I tend to have some problems with dehydration in general, I'm thirsty & I drink lots of water but if I'm busy and/or forget to drink all the time I get a headache... and my nose and the skin under the nose is red all the time:wtf:

    I've been concealing my clown nose with cle de peau concealer, it's highly pigmented but looks very natural on... that's very expensive stuff but totally worth it, best concealer I've ever had.
  6. concealer, or tinted moisturizer.
  7. I use green concealer, it covers redness, (just like using yellow for dark areas.)

    Maybelline do a great green concealer. I think its only $7 (it was when I was in Texas anyway)

  8. I use bare essentials. It is a mineral makeup that can be found at sephora. It is the best thing I've tried and it has a great concealer! Will cover anything. It's light and you don't look like you wear alot of makeup. Is the redness from broken cappilaries? Swiss line has some really good products that will help calm the redness down.
  9. how red is your nose? if it is not that bad perhaps a highlighter like ysl touche eclat will do. Otherwise, I always turn to the cle de peau concealer cuz it covers up anything and doesnt cake.
  10. Bare Escentuals summer bisque.
  11. Mario Badescu makes some products called Keratoplast that are supposed to reduce redness.

    If you just want to cover it up, a yellow based concealer will work for mild redness. If the redness is severe you'll need a green based color. Smashbox makes a green corrective color primer that goes under foundation. Physicians Forumula makes concealer duos that come with green and yellow shades. It sounds strange, but it really does work!