what to use on mc pieces

  1. Hi, I just bought a mc bag but not sure if I should apply any leather conditioner. Does anyone here do that and what brand do you guys recommend? Thanks. :lol:
  2. Do a search for "apple guard" "shining monkey" or "wilsons" leather care.

    This topic has been discussed a lot and you'll find a lot of information.
  3. After you research this topic, I still think it is a personal choice.
  4. Just be careful not to rub too hard on the MC print. Lightly condition it with leather conditioner, and it should be fine.
  5. I thought all the conditioners were for the vachetta only...esp. since the the rest of the bag ISN'T leather. Am I wrong?
  6. No you're not wrong, but I use leather conditioner on the canvas as well. It cleans/shines it and makes it soft and supple. Its like killing two birds with one stone.
  7. so it would be ok to use those products on the canvas also? thank you so much guys!!!!.....
  8. I've used Shining Monkey on canvas and it's fine. It's a fabric protector. I've used Appleguarde Conditioner too but only on the handles as it's a leather conditioner.
  9. I have a question - can I just leave the bag as it is? I know I should read the other posts, but I'm afraid of trying some of what others have tried, and I'll mess up my bag. :crybaby:
  10. Of course! LV does not recommend using anything on the bags. A lot of members do not use anything on it. :yes:
  11. I would at least use shinning monkey on the handles to discourage water spots as water spots happen very very very easily! I can personally vouch for it because I was hesitant at first and it turned out perfectly fine. Just make sure you don't over spray!!!