What to use for all those little cards?


Feb 5, 2006
So many small stores now have these "frequent" buyer cards - you know like a bagel card, coffee card, etc...

Does anybody have an idea of a small-ish type case to hold them all? Right now I have a bunch of them tied together with a rubber band in my speedy. It just looks so barbaric! I already have a cles that I use for my keys and license and 1 or 2 credit cards and some cash. What I really want is a small business card size holder. But it would have to be a little bigger than a business card KWIM??

I started looking though the eLuxury website and there are so many LV accessories. I thought somebody here might have the perfect idea! Thanks!!


Hermes Convert
Sep 13, 2006
The LV buckets come with little Lv bags. I use one of those bags for all of those little cards. I have used it for 2 year and it is perfect. It is also big enough to stick receipts in there at xmas time. The other handy thing about having all of those cards in a seperate baggy than your wallet, it that when you are going out of town or out for the night . . . you can just take that lil pouch out your purse. I have 2 of those pouches on for cards and the other for make up. It is nice to use something that you did not actually have to pay for