What to take note of for purchase of second hand Hermes bag?

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  1. I am looking for a secondhand Black box Kelly, and probably a Constance, what do I need to take note of?

    (1) Date Stamp
    I know K=2007, J=2006, D= 2000, A= 1997, how about U, V, Y, Z etc? I saw that some bags have these alphabets

    (2) Shooting Star
    Does a Kelly or Constance has Shooting Star on it?

    (3) Sale item
    Does a Kelly or Constance ever has sale? I think only retire or going to be retired items have a S

    I do not want to buy a shooting star or sale item.

    Anymore to take note? Please kindly advice. Thank you!
  2. The condition of the bag itself. Any horrible wears, tears, stain, etc?

    No, not all sale items are 'retired' or 'going to retire' items. Some Birkins or small leather goods can be on sale. There was a Kelly on eBay not long ago and it has an 'S' stamp. I am still wondering how these people can get hold of 'S' stamped bags.
  3. This may be naive, but do they get them at the sales?
  4. You should always look at the corners of the bottom of the bag first thing. It's so easy to miss wear there and that is a good place to ask to lower the price b/c sometimes the corners can't be touched up at Hermes during cleaning.