What to start?

  1. I recently bought Monogram Bequia Porte Document Geant which is the show piece in a shop. I didn't think I would be able to get it anywhere as I went to HKG and they said it's already sold out. But it just arrived Bangkok not too long ago. This is the first LV bag that I bought. I am more into Prada but the design just went weird lately. And my partner liks LV a lot especially limited edition. After I purchased this bag, I always look at other limited edition LV. Actually I saw one poster from LV that they put all different Speedy together and I think it looks really nice. So I think I would like to collect Limited edition Speedy bag. Which ones I should have on the list? And which one I should get it first? I also attached pic of my bag. I love it. I love it...:supacool:
  2. welcome to the LV Forum! and congrats on your PDG :tup: if you want to start a Speedy collection, better get your hands on a Mirage Speedy ASAP.
  3. Thank you, that's what I thought too. And I might need to find a Miroir too:yahoo::yahoo:
  4. ^^^You are unfortunately still gonna have to pay HIGH dollar for a miroir speedy. They usually go for 50-100% ABOVE retail price for used bags now. Retail was just over $1300 and most new ones go for $2600 or above now.

    Cerises speedy is about the same as retail ($995) for a well used and patina'd bag.
    Look to pay almost double for one in perfect condition.
    Dentelle is another LE but I believe are still available at retail price.

    Are you planning on collecting all available colors of each limited bag?
    Cause most come in multiple colors.
    Silver and gold miroir.
    Silver and gold dentelle.
    Burgandy and black Mirage.
    Graffiti came in three colors and the price for it is huge now too for one in mint condition. And super hard to find.
    And there are multiple discontinued colors of Epi leather now.

    You have stumbled on to an extremely expensive little hobby of collecting. lol
  5. That bag just leaves me breathless... congrats! :yahoo:
  6. I'm for the Speedy Mirage also to begin with!!! :tup:
  7. Ooops - forgot to say also how much I LOVE your new bag also!
  8. I recommend to get the Dentelle Speedy and Mirage Speedy and welcome to TPF.
  9. Oh i love it.
  10. Thank you guys, I am thinking of Mirage Noir, I will try to ask boutique here (since it seems like we're always late than other countries) Maybe I would have a chance to get one.
    mlowran : I know that it seems like I am getting myself into an expensive hobby. I always love ladies bag, I can't use it but now I just think that why can't I just have it and look at it, appreciate its beauty :heart:

    I also add some more pics of my bag too. Hope you all like it. Thank you...
    DSC01513edit.jpg DSC01514edit.jpg
  11. I think you should hold back your impulse to start collecting the sppedies. Wait for other men's bags or look for the older collection LE men's bags. You can at least use them rather than look at them. The Innsbruck, Kangaroo, Bequia and Tobago ranges in the past season are worth looking at. With the Speedy Mirage money, you can buy a LE bag you can use. They ar coming out with more LE bags for men like Damier Lune and Kangaroo Cabas/Trotteur bags...so hold on :smile:
  12. If you are just going to look at them.... I would also suggest the Cerises speedy --- soo cute! And of course, the mirroir, MIRAGE, dentelle and the mini lin croissette (SP) speedy are all great LE too. I will live vicariously through you in this fun hobby :smile: hehe Also, welcome to TPF, and congrats on the new bag!
  13. what a great first LV bag to kick start your collection! there is no looking back...i am sure it will all be LV from now on...hehehe...enjoy!
  14. Congrats on your PDG, it is gorgeous! And welcome to TPF....but I must agree with mercx5. Why not look into LE men's bags that you can admire and carry?
  15. Beautiful bag!