What to serve with crab dip?

  1. I am making a hot crab dip for my SIL's baby shower next Sunday. What goes good with crab dip? Pita chips? Melba toast? Help!
  2. The pita chips and melba toast you mentioned sound good. Also, I've been using the "Big" Wheat Thins lately with dips. Bagel crisps would be good also, as would bread prepared like it's for brushetta: put olive oil or butter on both sides of thin slices of a baguette and then bake or broil a few minutes until a little crunchy.
  3. I usually toast small pieces of good whole grain bread cut out with a mini cookie cutter and drizzled with olive oil, w/a bit of pepper on top. Melba toast could work well also, though!
  4. Melba toast, or garlic rounds. My store sells them in a big bag of them in the deli/bakery section. They call them crostini...I am sure they make them from the stale bread...they are great!
  5. lightly toasted croissant slices..mmm, yummy
  6. I love crap dip on pita chips! Mmmmmm....
  7. I adore crab dip on bagette slices.
  8. I made a crab dip and put it in small store-bought phyllo cups (pre-cooked and easy to use for ANYTHING) for a baby shower. I heated the cups as the guests were arriving and they were a gigantic hit.