What to sell, what to give?

  1. I've decided to confront my shopping habit and try to sell/give what I can and keep only what I really really like.

    To determine what's sellable and what should just be given, I've compiled a list and this is where you, helpful PFies, can help me!!
    I'd like your opinions on what's givable or sellable.

    This is not a sales thread! I'm just after opinions on what to sell or give!

    No pictures for some of the stuff at the moment but I'll try and give accurate descriptions or find equivalents on the net.

    Thanks in advance for your opinions, comments and whatnot :love:
  2. You should be able to sell the Hermes scarf.
  3. Sell Hermes scarf, Rayban glasses...
  4. Agree with kahluamilk, you will surely find new homes for those among PF members. As for the Gruet & Lancel bags, you might try to sell them in a consignment store? Those brands might have a higher resale value in Paris, where they are better known. Good luck!

    And btw, the cleaning out and just keeping things you love sounds like a good idea! The hardest part is to decide what to sell, once it's gone you will not miss it. Instead, enjoy the space and the good conscience!
  5. Thanks for the suggestions ladies.

    I'm going to list the Hermes and Rayban glasses on the WTS forum later today.
    For the rest, well, I think I'm going to give away the wallet (I'd listed it once on eBay and it hadn't sold).

    Unfortunatly, the Lancel and JG have very little resale value in Paris consignment stores because it's mostly a "scam". For a Lancel, they'll give me 40, maybe 50 for a piece that'll be priced in the 100-150 range. I'll try eBay for those.