What to see anyones house in the US?

  1. Check out this site!


    You can plug in anyones address and see how much their house is appraised (tax not selling price) at and an arial shot of the house!! Unbelievable!!!!

  2. Wow, thanks for this! It's great timing, BF and I just started house hunting a few weeks ago. This will help with negotiations when we find that perfect place. :biggrin:

    ETA: Just checked their estimated market value of the frontrunner in our search, and it's about $35k below asking price, which is about what we want to pay. Sweet!
  3. I tried it.. It said it didn't have any data for my zip code yet. Crazy though!
  4. I checked it out and it seems that the Zestimate is based upon the most recent home sold in that vicinity. This is not the same as the appraised value. When a home is appraised, the appraiser must enter the home to evaluate any improvements.
  5. Neat! I just looked at my house for fun. :smile:
  6. I checked it out too. It's really cool, but all the information on my home was wrong. They had it totally undervalued, the wrong stats (# bathrooms, square footage, etc) and even had the market values for the area wrong. Oh well, it is still a cool site though. Just would not rely on the information published on it.
  7. I just checked mine out and it is appraised way too high. Also they have it listed as a 2 story condo and it is a three story townhouse. They don't have a picture either, just a wooded area.
  8. mine was pretty accurate! pretty cool stuff!
  9. I just plugged in my house...they apraised it alittle too high!..the picture of my house was accurate though! tonight Ill show the parents this site! thanks =D
  10. OMG that is creepy but cool. They have the info on my home correctly.
  11. zillow rocks! We recently refi'd our mortgage to a lesser term and thanks to the info I printed off Zillow we didn't need an appraisal. Saved $$$!!
  12. I looked up my house, and it wasn't very accurate. It said my house is a 1 story, 1 bathroom house with an unknown number of bedrooms...It's really 2 stories with 2 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms...and it looked like the estimate was wrong, because houses in my neighborhood usually go for $400,000-$500,000, and it listed it lower.

    I looked up my best friend's house, and gosh, I want her house!
  13. Want to see some gorgeous celebrity homes? Type in Star Island, Miami, FL. WOWSA
  14. I like it...just to kind of gage the cost of the neighborhoods...
  15. i'm a HUGE fan of ZipRealty
    it has the most up to date MLS i know of, only downside is you have to register (free), but it's worth it