What to say when package does'nt arrive?

  1. It's been over 12 business days and the seller said it would arrive 7-10 from US to Australia. I already sent a nice email asking if she can chase things up with USPS but still no response.

    She did'nt offer insurance so there's not much that can be done there but you'd expect a reply by now. I'm getting aggravated because it looks like she's ignoring my concerns.

    What should I do? This is my first possible lost package. I paid with Paypal..does this help?
  2. i'd prolly wait a few more days, and then start a dispute with ebay/paypal to 'hurry things up' incase they havent even sent it yet.
  3. I'd chill on this one. When packages come from Oz and into the US, you have customs on both ends that can slow things up. That being said, don't be surprised if your package arrives looking like it may have been opened. It probably was: by Customs.
  4. Give it a few more days- it maybe just fine, overseas packages can be a little delayed especially with all the stuff going onwith security.

    You have 30 days to file with Paypal, remember this when waiting for your package.
  5. I'd give it at least 14 days. . . I agree, Oz is far away and packages can take a very long time.
  6. You would think though, that the seller still should have some kind of tracking number they that she should be able to give you, so that you have some idea where it is :yes:
  7. If they didn't ship it express mail then there is no way to track it. I would wait at least 14 days...then file a claim. Per paypal's rules she HAS to provide some type of number (tracking, DC, etc.).
    I find that helps speed things along.....they don't want a mark on thier record!
  8. I'd wait a few more days. if nothing has arrived then i'd file with paypal.
    Thing is custms could have your package and it would be there fo a while. they move slow.:censor:
  9. when i sent something via priority mail to the UK once it ended up taking almost a month to get to her thanks to customs. THe post office says to wait 30 days before you should start questioning why a package hasn't arrived when it's sent to another country.

    And on an other note, i thought you had 45 days to start a paypal dispute?
  10. Here's the response after I chased her up:

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]"Packge to oversea usually take longer than 10 days. Please give it a few more days. Please allow a few more days. Thank you and Have a wonderful day."[/FONT]

    I purchased an item from the states a few days after this one was shipping and that arrived a week ago. Grrrrr!

    The seller said that she shipped via "[FONT=Arial, Verdana]USPS first Class airmail". Is this a slower method?
  11. Airmail is the normal way I use to send to HK. I usually get ticked off at first about the arrival/delivery of the package is not as stated but I've bought so much that I let it slide. Everything gets to me eventually.
  12. I usually send items to US and sometimes it takes longer than 2 weeks via airmail. I don't know why. Do not worry, you will get your parcel i hope. You did not buy it from me did you?
  13. I am in dispute now for a package that is "lost" and it was coming from Georgia to VA !! The seller refused to combine my shipping on 2 items I won and shipped them seperate the kicker is I got 1 and the other is missing!! She hasn't been very nice to deal with since the get go. She may be getting her first negative when all is said and done! When you put in a tracking number you get nothing! Sorry to vent just irritated with this person!!:cursing:

    I waited 15 days before I filed a claim.
  14. OK-I should have received my items two weeks ago now. I want to take some action because I can't afford to lose my money. Also, the seller does'nt care if the package was lost or not.

    I won 1 item on Ebay and bought a second one privately. I paid for both through Paypal and postal insurance was not offered.

    What are my options? This has never happened to me before...:crybaby:
  15. Airmail is the cheapest and SLOWEST way to ship via the Post Office.

    It's like Parcel Post. Takes FOREVER.
    I had something come from Cali to NY and it took 10 days.