What to request from Korea??

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  1. My sister's going to Korea for 2 weeks and I was wondering what I should ask her to bring home.. I hear the makeup is really good over there and cheap:graucho:..Any makeup (foundations and powders) brands you suggest?? Any other stuff I should ask her to bring home? TIAAA!!
  2. In the 70's I really wanted my brother to bring me home a Korean blanket, you know those plush, furry ones. But now they sell them everywhere in the U.S.A. That's all I could think of, I'm not familiar with Korean exports.
  3. is she going to get us all something? lol
  4. I've read outstanding reviews about a makeup base called "Precious Base SPF15" by a brand called "Hera". This is on my wish list,too.

    I don't know if you have heard about "BB creams"(Blemish Balm), I'm not Korean but I've tried various Korean BB creams, most of them are like tinted makeup base that offers a light/sheer coverage. Since I have fair skin without much blemishes, sometimes I use BB cream as foundation and it already gives me enough coverage.

    Right now I would really want to try the Hera brand mentioned above, so if your sister can get it, you might want to give it a try.
  5. A mod can move this to the beauty bar for makeup suggestions.

    I love Korea! There are a lot of beauty products to indulge in from Korea. Laneige has a good skincare line and their makeup is nicely packaged and high quality. bubzbeauty on youtube really likes this line and you might want to research some of the products.
    etude house is another popular brand again with cute packaging but affordable pricing compared to laneige. their pore erasing base is something i really want to pick up and try next time i can go visit family in korea.
  6. I love those thick plush mats to sleep on the floor with. Comfortable even on a hardwood floor. It might be hard to bring back to the states though -- it's soo heavy.

    I love really feminine clothing that Asians seem to specialize in, but sizing is so weird!! and tiny...

    I'm not familiar with makeup even in the states, sorry!!
  7. I would ask her to get facial skincare from Skinfood. My HG cleanser is this Tea Tree Bubble Foaming Cleanser and I even got my BF hooked on it. They have other great products too, and super affordable.

    Here is the English website: http://eng.theskinfood.com/
  8. I agree with the suggestions on here. People in Japan literally go crazy for BB creams. It was sold out for quite a while in Tokyo when I was there last summer. :smile: You should definitely get BB cream and also, I suggest that you ask her to buy a Korean bath massage towel (ttaemiri) that removes your dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. In Korea, it's popular to have this type of massage where you literally feel like you shed all of your dirty skin cells. :smile: It sounds gross, but seriously I've heard that it's really refreshing.
  9. one of those cute korean drama actors. lol i kid.
  10. Oh yeah..bring back some actors. I'll take one. :smile: Hehe. Do you watch the drama boys before flowers? you can pick up a necklace from the drama in korea. they are very popular and much cheaper in korea than online. i got one of them!
  11. I've never been to Korea, but I agree with plumaplob the clothing over there is always so cute! Make sure your sister knows your size/measurements though, the sizing does seem to be weird.
  12. clothing is much more tailored than here, and the BB cream is amazing too. It'd will be the two things I would ask my Korean girlfriends to bring back :yes: ohhh, false lashes are pretty good in quality and very cheap too!
  13. BB creams and face masks (those that are like sheets), those contact lenses that make the eyes look bigger, and fake eyelashes.
  14. ok all this mention of the bb cream i just had to go look and now i want some lol
  15. ooh i forgot to mention LANEIGE Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel. you can get it online but iono if its cheaper there. this is the best exfoliator i've tried.