What to put in a black suhali

  1. I got a Black Suhali bag (Le Superbe) for Xmas and all my accessories are in the monogram:

    -Wallet (zippy)
    -make-up bag
    -pen holder
    -lagoon clutch for sunglasses
    -6 ring key case
    -six ring adgenda (black M.C.)

    My question is, does it 'go' with the black Suhali I.Y.O.

    Thanks Baggers:confused1::shrugs:
  2. Sounds alright to me IMHO :heart:
  3. I think that mono "goes" with everything, but you could of course use this as a wonderful excuse to go accessory shopping. I would love to see pictures of your new Le Superbe! And a suhali zippy would be divine in it.
  4. Yes, I think they go!! LOL, anything LV goes in an LV!! Seriously, I have monogram pieces and vernis pieces and I use them in all my bags, no matter the color.
  5. :confused1::crybaby:I posted pic's of my bag in the Suhali club, and have the suhali zippy on order, but they don't do many accessory's in the Suhali for some reason.

    Feel a bit foolish that I went 'overboard' on the monogram.

    What's a gal to do?
  6. congrats on your new Suhali! I was considering Le Superbe for the longest time before getting the Epi bowling as an everyday bag.
  7. I use pomme pochette with my lockit PM along with a mono cosmetique, mono cles (for loose change) and wapity in MC noir. That's another reason I love LV, all their accesories match most of their bags. But yeah, I'm aiming for the suhali zippy in noir next.
  8. I think all your monogram accessories would go well inside your fabulous new Le Superbe. Like Traci said above, anything LV goes into any LV! LOL If you were going to get other accessories, though, you may want to try some other non-mono ones, such as the pomme wallet or agenda, to spice it up a bit. Any excuse to get more LV is as good as any --- haha.
  9. Most of my accessories are from the monogram line, which look great with any LV bag. But when I bought my Suhali Le Confident I also bought the Suhali Zippy Wallet and Suhali Cles to match my bag. Mixing and matching lines shows diversity! Use what you have and love. It will all look fabulous!
  10. black is a neutral color.. ANYTHING goes with it.
  11. Thank you everyone.

    You are probably right. Maybe I was looking for an excuse to get more accessories.

    I was hoping they had more in the Suhali Accessory line, but it is limited.

    I must be patient.

    It's probably just as well. Sigh!!:crybaby:

  12. I think mono is ok with black suhali but if you want to change your accessories I would say go for the suhali or epi.
  13. I think LV is classic and the mono goes with everything, LV and non LV.
  14. I couldn't agree more! I looooove it when I see stylish ladies pulling out wallets from diff lines from their bags!
  15. If you want to jazz it up, get something in Vernis Pomme.