What to purchase next?

  1. OK "Coach Ladies"

    I'm new here and at this. I can't decide which bag to purchase. Both bags are very different. I love them both for different reasons. What do you think? Thanks for your help in advance and remember you can never have to many handbags or shoes. :flowers:

    [​IMG]Style No: 10036 (Butter Soft Leather)

    [​IMG]Style No: 10314 (No Zipper)
  2. I really like the first one...you can't fo wrong w/ basic black leather..just beautiful.
  3. I would probally get that black satchel,it looks so soft:yes:
  4. I love both styles, but would probably go with the satchel, because of the zipper. HTHS! :smile:
  5. i love the second one.
  6. first one
  7. I vote for the black satchel too!
  8. Before I would voice an opinion, I would have to know what other bags you have in your collection.

    If you have a few different all leather bags - no matter what colors - and no Signature, I would say go for Signature.

    On the other hand, if most of your bags are Signature - no matter the color - I would say go for the Mia.

    I have all red bags, but the styles and materials are all very different. I have decided against some bags because I have one that is so similiar and I have bought others because I didn't have one like it. But that is just how I decide what my next purchase will be.....

    That said - they are both beautiful and you can't go wrong with either one :yes:
  9. I say number one. I'm not really feeling the other bag. I saw it in the store and it just didn't do anything for me.
  10. I would go for number one. The second one is a bit to busy for me. Also it can be a pain to have to undo that giant metal clasp every time you need to get into your bag.
  11. #1! It will hold so much more! Those new hobos are thiiiin.
  12. first one. i LOVED those bags when i saw them in the stores.
    i love signature stuff, but this one just doesn't strike me as something i would want to pay full price for (isn't it 398?)...and are those tassel-y things i see on the side?!
  13. I love #1...II can't remember..does it come in other colors??
  14. Thank you...I'm going to purchase the black leather satchel for sure, no question. It was my first love after seeing and feeling the leather. It's butter soft leather is different from some others.

    Yes, it comes in winter white, red and tan (different leather) Style #10048, suede Style #10061 and signature Style #10078.

    Thanks again for your help and have a great weekend.:love: