What to prepare for baby

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  1. Hi everyone..i was just wondering if you could all help me out.it would be greatly appreciated! Im due the 17th..but im preparing just in case I go into labor early (we dont know if its a boy or a girl)..so I was wondering if you had any ideas/advice on what we should have ready in case that happens. We have the bassinet set up..and ive washed a good month's worth of clothes, as well has have the car seat set up & inspected and my hospital bag packed but thats about it. I don't know what else I should have ready/set up..am I forgetting anything?? Thank you all :smile:
  2. One thing I found really handy those first few days was a small tote with the diapering essentials that could be kept close by so that I did not have to get up when I needed to change his diaper. Hubby was always willing to take him to the nursery to change him but I found it so helpful to have everything within reach in our room while recuperating (he slept in our room the first few weeks in a bassinet). Also make sure you have enough pads for after. Always Infinity pads were recommended to me and while a bit pricey were well worth it.
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    I just had DD last week. Heres my list:

    Lots of pads. Maybe 3 packs. I liked kotex regular unscented.
    Not to be gross you should pick up a bottle of Colace - stool softener. You will likely be given it in the hospital right away and you will need it.
    Lots of baby wipes - I used 2 tubs and about 75 diapers in 10 days
    3 Nuk newborn pacifiers. Life Saver!! They are way more lightweight than the others.
    Newborn onesies - all mine were way too big
    Big box of breast pads - I liked Lansinoh ultra soft
    We also needed to add about 2 more sleepers to the lineup. I liked terry the best.
    IMO you need at least 3 changing pad covers
    Baby nail file - DDs nails were jagged killers and many hospitals will not help you with this. Skip the scratch mittens and give him or her a nice filing when they are sleeping or breastfeeding.
    Lots of burp cloths. If you ask me I would get about 2 packs of these. I hated everything else. Too hard. You can find these at target.


    Last thing...we never knew about these but they gave them to us at the hospital and they absolutely save you when your baby is famished, freaking out at midnight and BF isnt gonna work. We went out and bought a case afterward, but they dont come with nipples. Luckily the nurse helped us hoard them before we left the hospital. You can buy the nipples separately too:

  4. I have a question about the Colace - is this the only stool softener you can take while breastfeeding? I'm asking b/c I like Miralax, and have a ton, and since I can't use it while pregnant, I was wondering if I could use it after the baby is here.

    (I know it's best to ask my doc - which I will, but I don't see him again for two weeks).
  5. Im no expert about that. I would guess most stool softeners are similar... I got a generic walgreens one - red gel pills. The main ingredient is Docusate Sodium. Maybe you can compare the ingredients with the one you have.