What to pay attention to when getting a BBag?

  1. Hi!

    I'm not a lucky BBag owner yet, but I'm thinking about getting my hands on one really soon, after looking at all the beautiful bags!

    My heart is going towards a Black First, but what are some of the things I need to pay extra attention to when buying it?

    Hope y'all can help me out!
  2. I don't know if this counts toward what to "pay attention to"... but you should try to take a look at both the veiny-ish leather and the non-veiny-ish leather to decided which one you like better. Personally, I don't like the veiny look because I prefer my leather smooth looking, but there are plenty of others here who say the veiny look gives the bag character. So, it's entirely up to you :yes:

    Have you decided where you're gonna be getting it from?
  3. Not yet, I might be in Paris in the coming month, so maybe there? Otherwise Aloha Rag in Hawaii would be another option...
    Maybe I should get one in Paris, since I'll be going back to the states and you get your sales taxv refunded (19% or so) at the airport!!!!

    I'm not sure whether I should get it this season though since I've heard mixed stories about the quality of the leather this fall.
  4. hmm what's this about a tax refund? is that for anything you buy in a foreign country? i've never had any tax refunded on anything i bought =T

  5. Tax refund is an argument, just go ahead and check the bags out there, you will see if you like the leather or not. It all comes down to going with what you love. Personally I believe on "love at the first sight"!
  7. Any Non-EU citizen who buys stuff in the European Union can get the sales tax refunded at the airport, once you go back to your country.

    You've to have your receipts, proof of purchase, etc. And I actually think you can get up to 13.75% back in cash of your purchase, after they deduct all the administrative costs. I guess not many people know about it, but it's actually worth the effort!!! Especially when you buy 1000+ Euro bags.

    More info on this site: Global Refund
  8. another q.. :sweatdrop: i hope its related to this thread somehow!! when u fax an order to Aloha Rag.. or even send it via email.. do u normally write something like: please choose the most matt leather for me.. etc?? or what do u do to let them know such chrateria? :shrugs: thaaaaank u!!!
  9. vanilla, give them a call, and speak to an SA and give her your criteria. On my order form I wrote "I only want to purchase the bag Yoko picked out for me" in big bold words :yes::nuts: DIdn't want to risk them sending me some other!
  10. I know I've seen a couple of leather with a slightly veiny look around here, somewhere, but I can't recall the threads. If I see them again I'll be sure to draw your attention to it. For the non-veiny look, I posted how it looks like on my white city here
  11. thank u sweetie for replying :love:
    hmmmmm does vein mean the one with some lines that look like blood viens? :shrugs: and the oposite would be a very clear non wrinckled one? :confused1:
  12. taking notes
    so dear basically u called them first and chatted with teh SA describing what u like.. and then after words sent the order form? :nuts: or vise versa?:rolleyes:
    so sorry dear member who started this thread if i am out of topic! i promise no more questions :flowers:
  13. Don't worry! :yes:

    you're actually helping me out a lot, Aloha Rag could be the place where I'll buy my first BBag during my next trip to Hawaii!!

  14. I am also curious about Aloha Rag - were you able to describe what you wanted to the sales person and then were you happy with what you got? Do you recommend a specific rep there?
  15. i ordered my first balenciaga bag from Aloha Rag a few days ago.. and i phoned them to ask a few questions.. when i asked the friendly customer support lady how can i request a specific charateristic in my b bag.. she told me its perfectly ok to write down in the Order Form what you really prefer in terms of "distressed leather etc..". And then they will try their best to choose one near your crateria. :smile:

    where i happy with what i got..?
    i cant answer this now unfortunatley cause my b bag is still on its way (overseas customer :sad: )

    hope this helps :flowers: