What to pair w/ Grey boots?

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  1. I think wearing those grey boots with dark skinnies would look great. IMO almosty anything you wear with black boots you can wear with grey boots
  2. I agree...I have a pair of gray suede boots that are about the same color as those and I wear them with any outfit that I wear black boots with (except gray leggings)!
  3. I also agree- I have gray suede boots and they are very versatile- I wear them with medium wash jeans the most, but dark wash would work, too.
  4. It's funny you should post this as I JUST came across this pic. of Dakota Fanning wearing grey boots and I even saved it in my "looks" folder!! I agree grey can be worn with almost anything that black can be worn with. It can be worn with blue or black jeans. But the great thing is you can also wear it with so many colors--especially purples, greens and all shades of blue.

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  5. I had to post again, because OF COURSE after leaving the site I found this pic. of Taylor Momsen wearing grey (officially grey-taupe) boots, and I wanted to share it because she's also wearing dark skinnies like you said you did. Also these boots have a slight heel like yours does.

    What I like best about this is how the grey scarf, in a lighter hue, really pulls together the whole look. So the inspiration being, wear whatever you want with the grey boots, and find a nice grey scarf to just sort of tie it all together!

    Now I'm all inspired to buy some grey boots too!!

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  6. Those Fryes are such a gorgeous color! I think you could wear dark skinnies, black leggings, charcoal leggings, plum or navy tights...almost anything!