What to pack/wear in barcelona

  1. I am 20 years old and living in barcelona for 4 months and have no idea what to wear there and bring...any ideas?
  2. It really depends when and where you will be going...for example, it would be much colder in the mountain areas than in the city or near the port. I think you should take a little bit of everything...a few tshirts...a few sweaters...and ofcourse at least one jacket...good luck...I LOVE barca...hopefully you will too!
  3. if you go now it's going to be cold, but the summer is really hot!
    Barcalona is a really "Hip" young place... wait till you see what the street trends turn out to be while you're living there..

    Sorry I'm not much help!
    have fun living there!!!!!! and good luck!
  4. When are you going? Barcelona has a mild climate so it really depends when you are going. It's also a very hip city and I know many people from Barcelona who dress in colors and prints.