What to pack for my trip

Jun 28, 2010
Ladies—I'm going home to see family but also meet up with some friends for partying, lounge/restaurants and casino gambling. I haven't been home in a while so needless to say, I wanna look hot :biggrin:

What are some essentials and other things that I should pack? Only downside is that it's brrr cold, and I want to stay warm but look hot (I don't mind suffering a bit to look good though haha).

All suggestions welcome. :ty:


always an if in life
May 19, 2010
things you will definitely need! (IMO)

-a little dress that you know you look good in :P
-short skirt
-skinny jeans
-cute bomber jackets and cardis
-leather jacket to layer over jeans & skirt, if you have one
-tights/hose to go under the dresses

and HEELS!