What to pack for Mexico?!

i have got my Cabo packing down to a science. Few skirts/tanktops or summer dresses, few bikinis, flip flops for beach, flip flops for night, maybe a pair of wedges, board shorts or juicy coverup. maybe a pair of jeans and a couple tops.
I just got back from Mexico two weeks ago - we went to Cabo, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta.... The weather in all three locations was about mid 70s to the 80s.... It was hot, but not humid at all. It's the perfect time to go! I would bring items you would normally wear for the summer, but also bring some light sweaters or wraps for the evening....it got a little cool at night..

Have a great time!
I just returned from Cabo last night. I took a couple of short, flouncy skirts that I wore with camisole tops and espadrilles. The nights cool down quickly, so you need a sweater. I took a couple of cropped sweaters and a cropped sweatshirt. I also took a pair of brown leggings that I wore on the plane, but I wish I had taken a black pair, as well. I would have worn them.

I didn't take any blue denim, but I wish I had taken a pair of TR skinnies along with some some flat (riding) boots to tuck them into. I was surprised by how many boots I saw at the bars at night.

But if I had to choose one necessity to pack, it would be a pair of WHITE SKINNY JEANS. I don't own a pair yet, but I thought all of the girls wearing them looked adorable. I was so bummed I didn't have a pair. The hostesses at one restaruant/bar all wore white skinnies inside tall black boots with heels. I'm going to be all over that look in another month.

For shoes, think espadrilles, ballet flats, and flip-flops (for pool/beach only please).
I went to Playa del Carmen last year!

The items I wore most:

A cute beach dress to throw over swimsuit
Denim skirt
Other colored skirt
Shorts that match plenty of your clothes (I wore these when I went sight-seeing and riding on ATVs in the jungle!)

Dressy tops for night
Tanks/tees for day

Couple pairs of jeans in case it gets cool, especially a pair that looks good worn at night, such as dark blue or white
Fitted black hoodie or thin sweater in case it gets cool, which it will at night

Good sandals for walking (sneakers were too hot, so I wore hiking ones, especially going someplace like the pyramids where you will get dirty and walk around a lot!)
Beach flip flops
Dressy strappy shoes for night
And one cute pair of sandals to walk around during the day, for non-recreational, but still comfortable if you will be walking around a lot

Don't forget accessories! I just brought a sexy pair of silver earrings and a cuff bracelet, that worked well for the week!

Have a blast!!!
^^^ i agree! i went to playa del carmen this year also and OVERPACKED! I basically wore my bikini and on summer dress the whole week- well maybe a few other things at night- but when I got home I realized I hadn't wore 95% of the stuff I brought.

Definitely bring things you wear in the summer. Heres some of what I brought on my last trip to Mexico:
swimming suit x3
denim mini
rubber flip flops x2
cute sundress
cute flip flops x4
one pair of jeans
denim shorts x2
t shirts x3
polo shirt
denim capris x2
tank tops x4
As someone mentioned, it does get cooler at night especially when its windy! Bring a lightweight cardigan or two, a long sleeve shirt, and maybe a hoody. Have fun and please remember the sunblock!
Have fun! I am going to Cancun shortly (about 5 hours) after the ball drops ;)

-clutch, for clubbing/parties/etc. I am going to bring a YSL clutch.
-med. size tote for going to the beach, airplane carry on bag, I will bring my Chanel GST
-shorts, white/black/khaki to easily match with tops
-cropped sweater, it gets a little cold at night
-lots of fun jewelry! ;)
-dressy tops, sleeveless or short sleeves
-pair of dark wash skinny jeans
-comfy heels
-flip flops

This isn't all of it, but I think you get the idea. There are other great suggestions here already.
Me again...one more thing to add.

Please leave your UGGS at home when you are packing for Mexico. I saw at least 20 girls wearing Uggs in Cabo. My husband and I thought that was the stupidest look we saw...

until we saw the 40-something year-old mom wearing a bikini that had "Just Divorced" printed on the rear... hanging out with what was apparently her over-tanned, over-implanted, over-tattooed, over-bleached haired daughter wearing a thong bikini. We had to see that every day while at the beach club. I have frightful flashbacks just thinking of it.