What to pack for 2 month, multi-country trip?

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  1. Ladies, I need your advice!

    I'm heading on a multi-country tour for about two months, and I need wardrobe help! I can only bring one large and one overhead-sized suitcase with me, and I have NO idea what to pack.

    I'll be spending 2 weeks in larger cities like Shanghai and HK at the beginning and end of the trip, doing the typical shopping and sightseeing so will need clothes appropriate for that.

    I'll also be spending 2 weeks hitting the beaches of Southeast Asia/Indian subcontinent, and will need appropriate clothes for that. I was warned that one of the cities that I am going to is very religious and women are recommended to dress very conservatively - IE long skirts/pants/shirts.

    I'm also doing a tour through the Indian subcontinent for the remainder of the time, off the beaten track. Lots of basic guest houses, trekking through forests, safaris, etc.

    I need something that I can wear to the beach, on a safari, and out shopping / to a nightclub. Everything I bring with me I'll have to carry with me, so unless I can figure out how to wear a little black dress while walking across a beach or through a forest, those are probably out :sad: I also don't want to bring super nice clothes, and not be able to wear them for the remainder of the trip.

    Any suggestions? I'm leaving in two weeks, and all I have on my packing list is a bathing suit...
  2. OHHH Sounds fun!!

    I just went on a one month backpacking trip throughout Europe this past summer, and boy was I glad I packed light!!
    Luckily it was super hot in europe in july, so a lot of the clothes were light weight.
    What I would recommend doing is bring clothes that you can match with everything.
    I packed so that the all the tops/jacket I brought would match with all my bottoms.
    If anything, you should underpack. Because you know you will buy more clothes when you shop over there. It's a given. All I had was a 60 liter backpack with me, but somehow I bought more dresses, tops, pants, and even SHOES and crammed it into my backpack!
    I brought underwear and bras with me that I didn't care much for and threw it out at the end of the trip to lighten my load. (but not all)
    DON'T bring clothes that you THINK you might wear, or it's for "just in case". Because you won't wear it.
    And I'm assuming you'll be able to wash your clothes right?
    Make sure you only bring ONE pair each of bottoms. (1 jeans/1legging/1 black pants...etc)

    as for dressing conservatively for religious sites - I totally know what you mean. I went to the Vatican and I had no idea I was supposed to cover my shoulders and knees when I went into the Sistine Chapel and St Peter's church. I was wearing a spagetti strap dress that ended above my kneecaps!! LUCKILY, there were street vendors that were selling scarfs. They were big enough where I was able to wrap it around my body like a toga. I may looked funny but I made it into the church lol! Bring a BIG scarf/sarong. It may save you when it comes to those kind of situations.

    And us girls, we know we overpack SHOES. ugh! But I am so GLAD I didn't bring heels. bring a cute pair of flats instead. I went clubbing in Spain and walked around London in my favorite leopard print flats.

    Packing is half the fun when it comes to travelling! I love it!
  3. that sounds SO much fun!! this is what i'm thinking for you:

    -plain or printed tees/tanks that can be dressy or casual

    -a couple cute dresses that can double for beach/dinner/nightwear like this, but maybe in other colors:

    -dressy shorts/capris for hiking/more conservative sites

    -lightweight dressy sweater
  4. You can buy a lot of the clothes/accessories you need when you are traveling. Clothes in SE Asia is very inexpensive. So is India. I am sure you will want to pick up a few things along the way.

    I would be sure to bring some comfortable walking shoes. I believe it will be hot in India/SE Asia so those clothes will not take up too much space. Also, you can use the same clothes for going out if you are going to different cities. (I basically spent the summer in one long dress I picked up in Istanbul, but wore it out in Athens, London, Paris, etc. on the same trip.)

    Remember, basics can be dressed up with accessories. (And India has amazing jewelry.) I would stick to cottons/silks, as they will be comfortable while keeping you cool. You will need jackets/sweaters for Shanghai. If you go neutral enough, you can wear the same dresses/outfits for everywhere.

    For me, I always think it is a good idea to bring at least one fabulous dress and great heels ... just in case.... But you may want to keep the rest of your wardrobe casual-chic to maximize space and versatility.

    I think Calypso has great, comfortable clothes that travel well but also look chic.

    Have fun! (I am planning a month long trip myself.)
  5. 1) LBD: pack at least one black dress, it should hit at or below the knee-in case you hit a conservative place, you can go to a party or out to dinner with short sleeves or no sleeves b/c you can cover it with...
    2) cardigan: neutral color so it can go with skinny jeans, skirts, what not.
    3) shoes: at least one pair of closed toe shoes stilleto, classy but conservative, that can match skinny jeans, dress up your LBD, one pair of tennis shoes and/or comfortable shoes. ONe pair of flip flop you can wear inside the hotel, those floors are just assumingly dirty IMO.
    4) a ring, simple band, if you're married, you should wear your ring, if you're traveling with BF or SO, you should wear a ring, some countries frown upon couples that are staying together at a hotel and NOT married-a lot cultures think differently of engaged couples-like they should travel with a chaperone until married, what not.
    5) pants-black jersey-comfy pant/legging-this can be dressed up for clubbing with an fun top and stilleto, or to go on your daily activity with a large tshirt and flats.

    OK that's all I have for now,