What to order from Leatherstuff?

  1. Hi. What should I order from leatherstuff?:huh: Do I just buy the spray or with the cleaner..or maybe include the leather care as well? I'm planning to condition with lubriderm and just AGspray it..is this enough or am I better off buying the whole line? Anybody know what a shinning monkey is? Is that better than AG?
  2. For your Bbag, I think the AG conditioner and Spray will be fine. Is it dirty or are you just looking to protect and condition it?
  3. I have the AG rain and stain repellant spray and the AG conditoner. This is what I recommend. HTH
  4. yep, just ge the AG spray and conditioner. don't really need the cleaner... it's a bit harsh. only use in dire strait emergencies.
  5. hi. just looking to protect and condition it... so conditioning means the leather care (the one in gallon)?
  6. Oh ok..thanks girls!
  7. nope, i don't think you need the mongo gallon size Mariz :rolleyes:...i think a little goes a long way with that stuff!!!
  8. yeah, the conditioner is the leather care. be careful on some colors... it darkens. the spray won't change colors.
  9. Yes and it's available in the 8 oz size too if you prefer Mariz. That's the one. :yes:
  10. haha..thanks. Almost hit the buy button for the big one...so you guys prefer AG conditioner to Lubriderm?
  11. well, i think they both have the same effect, from what everyone says...i haven't tried either on my b-bags yet, but i've used AG conditioner on other things ;)
  12. LOL!!! Yeah, I think the gallon might be a tad too much. I like the conditioner, but I haven't tried the Lubriderm so I can't compare the two.
  13. You are welcome.
    I personally like the AG products Mariz, although I know some here at TPF like the Lubriderm too as a conditioner.
  14. Ok AG all the way then..Thanks!
  15. i would buy the AG spray and the applecare conditioner, too.
    i haven't tried lubriderm personally, as i'm just more comfortable using products specifically designed for leather. but the results that i've seen with lubriderm on tPF have been pretty amazing.

    i actually bought a gallon of the conditioner during the mother's day promotion. that's how much i like the smelly stuff! :amuse: