What to look(out) for when buying a vintage Chanel


Aug 16, 2010

I´m going to Paris in the near future and want to buy a chanel in a vintage store. flap bag.

I was wondering if someone could point out a few things to look for, to see if it´s is real or fake, since I won´t be able to post it in the authentication thread ;)

Miss Luana

Just go for it
Dec 28, 2007
Welcome Vaerst ! I dont want to rain on your parade but finding a nice vintage bag in Paris is not as easy as it may looks. There's some choices but the flaps tend to get sold really fast and also they carry more of recent models, for some reasons.

That beeing said, go to a reputable dépôt vente where you can buy in confidence. I would highly suggest Reciproque (métro de la Pompe on rue de la Pompe) which is the biggest dépôt vente in Paris. Also, dépôt vente de Passy on rue de Passy (métro Trocadéro). They are 10 mins walk one from the other.

Happy hunt.