what to look for when purchasing a city?

  1. i'm deciding on what my next bag purchase is going to be and balenciaga city is on the top list. i am not sure what to look for though if i were to get one. like the leather varation, i hear some are more smooshy, some are more veiny, etc. is that just personal preference or is one better than the other?
  2. Its personal preference. If possible maybe you can see the bags in person before you decide.
  3. Veiny or not is personal preference. Maybe look through the thread of Photos Wearing Your Bag to see the differences.
    Or if you can see the in a store that's even better cuz you will probably be drawn to the perfect bag for YOU!
  4. I think it depends on what you look for in a bag :yes: some adjectives used when describing the leather to an SA: smooshy, thick/thin, non-veiny/veiny, marbled, uniform, etc.

    good luck with your first bbag purchase! :heart:
  5. so am i doomed if i just order over the phone without mentioning the leather quality? i really don't know what i prefer or what's better since i haven't seen a whole alot of them IRL.

    in general what do you guys prefer?
  6. :roflmfao: There are tons of threads with this question and answer. You can easily do a search for them. :yes:
  7. ok i did a search on "veiny" and got a lot of education. thanks!