What to look for when buying a new Coach

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  1. I posted yesterday and asked if you usually get a purse from the back or if you are sold the display, and it seems most of the time a new purse is taken from the back for you. Someone made an interesting comment about checking it first for any flaws before leaving the store.

    So that is an interesting point - what should we be looking for when purchasing a brand new Coach? I really wouldn't know what to check for, so I look forward to your advice. :smile:
  2. I would check the leather for even tone and coloring and if it is patent look for uniform wrinkles, etc. Make sure there are no scratches or flaws in the leather that will bother you. :smile:
  3. Check to make sure hang tags are in place and if you are at an outlet, check for a dust bag.

    check material for frays and snags
  4. I normally got to Coach FP Store several times and look that bag that I want over several time before I purchase it... This is what I look for

    Coach.Com - Same as the FP Store

    The color of the bag, if it even or not
    If there is any snags, fraying, or marks...
    I look at the Lining if there is any stains or daamage of any kind

    If it is at the Outlet I also look at these things but it depends on price point, the rarity, and my disire for the bag on if I would buy it with a defect...

    On Ebay or Bonanzle - i expect defects but they must be the ones stated on the listing..

    At the end just remember that there is time to return that bag as long as you do not use it and that you have the receipt.
  5. I usually check for any marks, stains, wrinkles, etc.
  6. I look for scratches, marks, even coloring, zippers working, etc., etc. I bought a new bag at the boutique once... checked the first one they brought out, found a scratch, checked the second one, found a scratch, checked the third--no scratch, but when I got home, I discovered that the leather handles were not identical, one had the seam facing inside all the way around, the one one spiraled a bit :sad: I was kind of upset--that's why you should take your time and check.
  7. I look for scratches too. Usually at FP they get the bag out of the back. You would usually have to ask for a bag from the back at the outlet. Its so busy at outlets at coupon time
  8. I would REALLY check that ALL the zippers are working. I have a Soho Flap whose inside zipper is so hard to work that I've stopped using the purse completely.
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    Well the first time something jumped out at me was when I bought a bag in Whiskey and the color of the bag they gave me was COMPLETELY different than the one on display. I thought they had given me Natural instead of Whiskey. But no, it was Whiskey and apparently the color of the leather varied THAT much. So in addition to scratches, defects, etc., make sure the bag is the color you wanted.

    I have also been given the wrong wristlet. Same collection and color that I bought, but they gave me the flat $68 one instead of the thick $98 one.

    And then just this Monday when I bought a Cinnamon Parker & matching wallet, I noticed that the metal turnlock on the wallet was scratched up. She wound up bringing me 4 to look at and I ultimately took the display model. Even the one she had to open up the plastic bag for had a totally scratched up turnlock.

    Save yourself the stress of having to return something and definitely always check your purchases before walking out of the store.
  10. It's like a new car... you get a new car (coach) and you look it over to make sure no one scratched it up, or didn't check it over before you drive it off the lot (take it out of the store ;p ). :smile:
  11. I would usually check to ensure no scratches on leather and buckles, zippers are working properly, no marks on any part of the bag. usually new ones not on display would be protected with wrappings. I never get those on display.
  12. Awesome girls, thanks for the info, some of these things it would never even have dawned on me to check - like inside zippers!!

    Great info for many of us I'm sure!
  13. I always check the zippers, and try them out a few times while holding the bag different ways that I might if I were using the bag. Bad zippers drive me crazy. I also look over the entire purse for signs of anything weird or off. For example, on some of the Soho pebbled leather bags at the outlet, the part with the Coach logo was kind of faded like it was really worn from being handled. And sometimes I've found little ink spots or uneven places in the leather.
  14. I forgot to mention zippers! I was looking at a cricket once that would not zip open at all! Needless to say I didn't buy it.
  15. Check that there are no popped stitches, too. I also check the sealant on the edges to see if it's applied good.