What To Look For When Buying a Coach Planner on EBay

  1. So I have listed on several forums on tPF how I am graduating and am buying myself a lot of gifts... Now, I am looking to buy a Coach planner and thought that going the eBay route would be a cost effective alternative. However, I am not sure what to look for when buying one off eBay because in the store I head straight for the bags and never really paid attention to anything else!!! Therefore,If you know anything about this ( or where to get a good deal on this item elsewhere), please let me know!!!:yes:
  2. Not sure about authenticating them.. but if you're close to an outlet, I'd suggest you check it out.. generally they are the same price as eBay (or less) at the outlets!
    good luck :smile:
  3. I agree with Finzup. I got my 6x8 sig planner with rose trip for $63.
  4. What style of planner are you interested in?
  5. Go to the outlet. You will know it is real there.
  6. You can get a lot of good deals at the Outlets.
  7. I have to agree. I got my 6x8 crimson signature stripe planner at the outlet for super cheap. That's your safest bet.
  8. Thanks All, I think that I will try the outlet because I am looking for a 4X7 leather one and it seems that others here have found a bargain there! Thanks!