What to look for when adopting a used Chanel

  1. I have been browsing the authentication requests and noticed that there are a lot of common features that one should look for when adopting a used Chanel. For example, hologram-card match, quit alignment, dust bag appearance, or CC placements etc. Michele and other in-house experts are really doing a superb job! :smile:

    burberry_princess at eBay has a great Chanel guide. However, there are so many different styles out there that it is impossible to come up with one single comprehensive guide. Since so many of us are proud owners of Chanels, I think our collective knowledge can help a lot of people. For instance, Cambon reporter owner(s) could describe the bag in detail and provice pics of how the grommets, interior or label should look like.

    I wonder if we could have a thread decicated to it, in a format like the "Your Bag Showcase" - that is, one thread per a particular style bag and add our knowledge.