What to look for in Paris

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  1. I'm going to be spending a week in Paris with my 15 y.o. daughter in March. Any suggestions for can't miss shops? I'm staying in the 4th, so I know that I will be very close to Brontibay Paris and Gerard Darel, but with the weak dollar I'll be looking for for unique items that that are not available in the U.S. I just bought a $200 Brontibay leather bag from Shopbop for $44 on sale...I doubt I would do as well in Paris! Of course, I'll also check out some of the big names that seldom go on sale here. Even with the dollar the way it is, I think I may be able to get my daughter an Hermes hairtie cheaper in Paris.

    So, have at it! Where should I be shopping? (Suggestions for food shops, restaurants, cafes, etc also welcome!) Advice on any fun fashion related events, such as the fashion show at Galeries Lafayette, would also be wonderful. Merci!
  2. For the best hot chocolate you will ever taste, go to Angelina on the Rue Rivoli. :tup: (near the Louvre).
  3. ah oui... i realized i started typing this message in french, then had to go back and change... in fact, around the trocadero, there a lot of lovely cafes where you can go out and people-watch.... i liked to go there and have a glass of wine and gossip with my friends.
    but as for the names of places, i could not tell you. i could tell you how to get there from the middle of paris, but not the name of any streets or the actual name of the restaurant... and i would have to be with you. :p
    sorry... but enjoy your time in paris! it's a lovely city!
  4. Thank you ladies! Anyone else?
  5. I agree with missjenny. Exploring Paris is the best way to go. And I also agree with the Angelina suggestion. Really, really awesome chocolate.

    Also, go to Laduree for great, great macarons.

    Shopping-wise, look out for Petit Bateau shirts. They're made of very comfortable long-lasting materials. And maybe you may want to consider buying a pair of Repetto flats for your daughter?

    If you're into perfumes, Paris is a great place to shop for them. Lots of cult brands that I would die for. Serge Lutens, Frederic Malle, Annick Goutal, MPG, just to name a few. That is, if you're into those.

    For beautiful girlish (but not cheap) jewellery, you can check out Les Nereides.

    Then there's all the flagship stores like Christian Louboutin, Goyard, Hermes, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton where you can drop all your money in.

    By the way, I must say that I'm really envious you're going to get into a brick and mortar Gerard Darel store :sad: Would you consider getting a couple of bags for me? :p

    Have fun! I know you would! (Let me know if you need help googling the above addresses)
  6. That's so nice to go on a mom and daughter trip I went to London with my youngest last year we had so much fun.

    What Paris is concerned my make shure to check out Le Printemps and Les Galeries Lafayette good for a rainy day.
    in the same area close to Madeleine you find Laduree I love their "macarons" it's great for an afternoon tea.
    The whole Faubourg Saint Honoré is worth walking along too.
    Personally I love the 6th around Saint Germain...you have a lot of nice shops around the famous Cafés Deux Magots et le Café Flore.

    Honestly there is so much to do and see I could fill pages.
    Have fun and bring good walking shoes:p
    La Couploe is still fun for dinner even if the lighning isn't that nice anymore and there are a tun of tourists but I still love it.
  7. For the best oysters, don't miss Chez Flottes, rue Cambon in the 1st arrondisement .

    Bought a Gerard Darel patent leather bag last April at the Blvd. St. Germain store and it turned out to be ahead of the fashion curve, a great buy.

    I go every year, but not buying anything this year (leaving March 31st) I'll be happy just to be able to eat at some of my favorite spots. Have a wonderful trip, the city is a dream come true.
  8. One of my favorite areas in Paris is this area called "Sentier" you can see it on a train map. It's similar to a NY China town in some ways but also very different. This is where the wholesalers that sell to boutiques are located. If you walk around you can find leather makers and very different bags. What I like about it is that unlike Chinatown they aren't trying to copy any specific bags. The bags don't even have labels because boutiques usually put their own labels on them for resale. Anyway, my best friend and I went and we came home with about 6-7 a piece!

    Another place that I heard was great is "L'entre Cot" It's a small parisian chain that has steak frites and I think that's the really the main thing on the menu. You have to get there early because I have heard there is a line. We met a girl on the train while we were talking about who said her father was a chef and she would Never go there but when we got home we regretted not going.

    There was also a nice little salad shop around from Gucci (on the parallell block to the left) on the Champs Elysee (sp). I felt like I hadn't had a good salad my whole time in Paris so it was nice to find a little place that made just soup and salad. It was sort of like a French Hale and Hearty.
  9. How exciting!

    In Paris I really like the Le Marais neighborhood - a sort of quirkier, more little shops sort of area. I bought some costume jewelry from Delphine-Charolette Parmentier - she has sort of quirky, feminine pieces. I even had them change something in the workshop above the store and came back the next day to pick it up.


    If you go there down the same street is a fabulous chocolate store, really wonderful. And a cute tea place. Le Marais also had some larger shops.

    Hermes is maybe cheaper, but you only get VAT back if you spend over a couple of hundred. They also carry Hermes in the duty free shops in the airport I think, but much better to have the boutique experience in my opinion. Collette is a very fun store, very expensive for the most part. I hated Gallaries Lay. too crowded for me, so try to figure out an off time (if that is possible) - you can get a coupon at customer service for foreigners but it didn't work at some of the in-store boutiques, like Chanel.

    Speaking a little French would be very helpful esp. in the off the beaten path areas.

    I loved Angelina's - really wonderful.

    Also had a great time making a picnic basket in the stores by the Eiffel Tower (as described in that travel book by the PBS guy, Rick Steves) and eating it in the Rodin Museum garden.
  10. Hmmm, also I would say that the shopping in the US is better because of sales, etc. overall. Maybe things like Hermes or Cartier are cheaper, but then they are not cheap!

    As for food we did the best in palaces from Frommer's (I think) and Rick Steves and when we made reservations - a must - for anywhere not touristy even on a weeknight. That was a surprise for me. I can't remember place names other then Absinthe. Much better to reserve then wander around, the little tourist cafes are just as much money as a nice restaurant which is full of Parisians.

    Oh and a museum pass is really nice, you skip lines and there are so many great museums.
  11. i would HIGHLY recommend the Bon Marché for shopping ( in the sèvres-babylone area) it is about 10 times better then the galleries lafayette they have the best french brands for clothing, accesories and make up. you can also go to the YSL and Prada store on the rue des saints pères which is right next. OF COURSE YOU MUST GO TO THE AVENUE MONTAIGNE (:heart::heart::heart:) best shopping street eveeerrrr, don't shop on the champs élysees it's way too touristy. the flore is the best cafe if you want to stop for a break (st-germain, my neighbourhood!! be sure to check out the christian louboutin store & the shu uemura right next to gerard darel) and the eglise saint germain is soooo beautiful, there's an LV and a Dior right in front XDXD and LADUREE for the best macarons in the world (also PIERRE HERME has some awesome patisseries and it's in the same area). oh and you and your daughter can also check out some shops in the Marais, they have some great boutiques on saint paul (especially Noir Kennedy!!! they have amazing skinny jeans, it has a really fun CBGB atmosphere). you can also walk around rivoli & faubourg saint honoré ( and the place vendome!!) for the amazing cartier & hermès store and of course COLETTE my favourite shop on earrtthhh your daughter will love it (she's my age!). if you need any more information i can help you out i've been living in paris for 7 years
  12. get the superguide paris -- it's just a pdf you print out and it has great maps of each of the best shopping areas, including all the stores that people here have mentioned, that you can easily carry around because it's just paper. definitely the best guide for shopping! i can't remember the website you get it at but if you google it you should find it.