What to look for in a vintage

  1. French Company Speedy? I am going to an estate sale next week and was hoping to get some vintage Vuitton. What is a good price for one of those French Co. speedy bags? From what I've read here, there is no date codes in them, is that correct? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.:smile:
  2. bagsnbags, thank you so much for the link! It's very helpful!!!:flowers:
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  4. It depends on the condition - most of them have really worn handles and other major signs of wear. I paid 400US for my 25 and 350US for my 30 (plus shipping of course) but they are both in mint condition. Anything less than that would be a decent price. If you find one in good shape but want to replace the handles, you can get them done through French Luggage for about 40US plus shipping. They also replace the locks for about 12US. Good luck and happy LV hunting! Hope you score big! Please post pics should you find something!

    Treated leather trim and handles
    NO engraving on the hardware joining the handles to the bag, just plain metal
    Tucky tuck lock and a Talon zipper pull
    Canvas lining with NO open pocket or d-ring
    No date code
    Inside seam has a paper-like tyvek tag that states: MANUFACTURED IN THE USA UNDER SPECIAL LICENSE TO THE FRENCH CO.
    "R" under the tuck lock leather tab on one end of the bag.
    The bottom of the bag has a treated leather strip that actually joins two separate pieces of Monogram Canvas together. The end result is that both sides of the bag show the LVs on the canvas right side up.
    Monogram canvas should be perfectly symmetrical, the pattern on the ends, sides and top should look exactly like that of modern Speedys
    Fakes of these bags, on the ends, will show the LVs in the middle instead of side-by-side - they will also have the LVs too high up on the sides of the bag
    Usually NO key as they were teeny tiny and always got lost
  5. ^^^ Thank you SO MUCH!!! I really appreciate the info!!!:flowers: