What to look for in a MC (more desirable)?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to the forum and have enjoyed reading the posts. I have recently purchased a white MC Lodge (my first MC). Two days later, my mother-in-law sends me a new one for Mother's Day (score!). I am going to return the one that I bought, but since I have two here, I am going to keep the "better" one. What should I look for as signs of "quality" or what makes a MC purse more desirable than another one of the same model? I've heard that a higher pink count is desirable, I've heard stuff about alignment, etc, but I wanted to get the full scoop since I know nothing of MCs. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Oh, and which MC wallet does everyone think is most functional?

    My collection (will soon post):
    Tribeca Long
    Cabas Piano
    Mono Mat Shelton Noir
    Viva Cite MM
    Manhattan PM
    Cherry Blossom Pochette Rose
    Musette Tango
    MC Lodge :yahoo:
  2. as far as color combos go, some people really like the pinks and purples. but really its all about what colors you like on the bag :smile:

    and wallets...the PTI seems to be the most popular choice, but there are quite a few choices in the MC line (i have a porte monnaie billets in black).
  3. So you've stolen my name and my Lodge...



    JKJK, as Caley said... color combo is up to you. Mine has several greens and some pinks.
  4. Yeah in my experience it is mainly personal preference, there isn't really a color combo that truly makes it more valueable.
  5. i dont really care, but I do love pink :nuts:
  6. My gave MC pattern is the one with a lot of purples.
  7. I personally prefer a lot of the royal blue, light blue and purples. Lodge is tricky cause of the pockets. A lot of them have the same colors repeated on the front a few times. I'd pick the one that has the least color repeating as possible. Post pics and we can help ya decide! lol
  8. Umm... I have a very odd obsession with the black LVs (I only like the white MCs tho... so obviously there are no black LVs on black MC canvas:lol:). THe black LV with the red and blue flowers on the bottom are mesmerizing:drool: ....... oh ya, and I tend to hate pink and purple LVs just because most people like them lol

    As for wallets, how about the new MC eugenie?
  9. I don´t care, don´t even notice the difference in the color combos. Keep the one you like better.