What to let go? Sofia coppola or Chanel Jumbo

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  1. I have a brand new Chanel Jumbo and Sofia Coppola in jasper. Sadly I need to let go of one to release funds.
    Which one to keep?
    Any advice welcome! :biggrin:
  2. It depends on which you are likely to use more. However, I say let go of the LV. The Chanel is a classic!
  3. What color is the jumbo?
  4. Black with silver hardware. Classic colour.
  5. Oh man - this is a dilemma. What color is the jumbo and what is the material? I have a jasper SC and black caviar jumbo with GHW. If I Had to part with one, I would sadly part with the SC. I absolutely love it but the jumbo has no comparable bag. I would survive without the SC. I have other everyday bags. There is nothing IMHO that compares to a Chanel flap. And the jumbo is going up to $5500. You can score an SC on the secondary market for way below retail as is the case with most LV bags. That is not the case with flaps. It is way more valuable and will continue to increase in value.
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  6. Then definitely keep the flap!
  7. Thanks for this. They are both truly beautiful bags. I like taking my SC out of it and just looking at it and admiring the leather. It is such a well crafted bag! It is brand new and I will probably lose a lot of value on it but hey.
    I have a m/l black Chanel and a black boy too but there is just something about Chanel!.
  8. Please keep the Chanel!!! It will only increase in value!
  9. I would keep the Chanel Jumbo & let go of the SC without a blink of an eye! ;)
  10. some ppl won't prob notice it's SC when you carry it, but when you carry Chanel... girls would prob look at you with envy hehe
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  11. One of my jumbos is black with SHW as well.. and I would not let that go. I'd give up the sc, which I also have (in black). Tough decision, but the chanel jumbo is such a classic and the price jumps are steeper. GL deciding!
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  12. Keep the chanel!!!
  13. keep the Chanel
  14. Thank you for your opinions ladies! It's interesting this is the LV forum and everyone voted Chanel :smile:
    Sadly there is a significant loss in retail with SC which is a shame but I have nothing else I want to sell!
  15. I say keep the Chanel!