What to keep what to sell??!!

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  1. Hi all. I'm debating between bags. Over the years I have had many bags and it's that time again when I debating which to keep and which to sell. I don't have the urge to keep duplicates of bags. So I need help. It's down to these last 2 sets. I just ordered the black artsy but I'm on the fence about keeping her. Which bags do you think are more classic and I should keep? Leather or canvas??

    Here are the choices.

    Speedy b 35 monogram
    Speedy b 30 infini empreinte
    Speedy 30 azur

    Artsy mm azur
    Artsy mm black.
  2. Definitely keep the Empreinte leather Speedy and Artsy! Love the leather!
  3. i would sell one of the azur bags; speedy 30 or artsy MM
  4. In full disclosure I am a long time lover of lv but haven't owned any. With that said I really like the look of the azur and artsy bags. Around here I don't see a lot of the azur bags so when I do see them I think they stand out more. Maybe sell one of the speedys.
  5. Def. keep the speedy!! Sell Artsy.
  6. Sell artsy
  7. I would sell the azur speedy :smile:
  8. sell artsy azur
  9. I would sell the speedy in azur...I would keep the rest of the bags including the Artsy in black..
  10. I am bias to leather just because I won't buy/cannot justify spending loads of money on fabric coated with plastic. I would say keep all leather bags and the canvas ones can go.
  11. +1
  12. Like others, I choose leather over canvas every single time. I am not a huge fan of Azur so I would sell one of those. I own the Artsy in Mono and personally don't find it comfortable so I would sell that one....but sell one of the Azur for sure.
  13. Hey Lady! I am in agreement with most of the other members. Keep the Empriente Speedy and Artsy. Change the color of the Emp Arsty if need be but keep the fabric.
  14. Sell the azur and keep the others; that would still leave you with the leather bags and a classic mono. GL with your clean - out!
  15. Yes I agree