what to keep, what to get rid of...help please!

  1. So I just bought several new LV's - an SO Damier Cabas Piano, white MC small ring agenda, and Damier zippy wallet. My dilemma now is what to keep and what to get rid of....Here is what else I have besides my new acquisitions:

    -Damier speedy 25 (my first LV from my mom, so I wouldn't get rid of it)
    -mono speedy 25
    -ebene mini lin speedy 30
    -Croissant GM (on its way)
    -Cerises Speedy 25 (on its way)

    I know it's not much, but it's getting to be out of the financial limitations of a 19-year college student (besides the Damier speedy from my mom, I've purchased everything myself). I'm thinking of getting rid of a few because I want to get back into other brands since I've been a little over-obsessed with LV lately. Which would you get rid of? Right now I'm thinking of letting go the Mini Lin speedy; even though I LOVE it to pieces, I just can't justify the price, and maybe the Croissant GM...I've never really been that into Mono, and I just got a Cabas Piano which functions as a shoulder bag. As for the Cerises Speedy...so cute but so pricey! :cursing: What should I do????? All help is GREATLY appreciated!
  2. Well you have 4 speedies, I would wait untill you got the cerises and see which one you could part with.
  3. ita, wait for everything to arrive and then evaluate.
  4. U have many speedies especially 25. if it was me i'd let the mono 25 go.. The cerises is a keeper so is the size 30 which u have none..
  5. Croissant GM...don't care for this bag!
  6. Definitely mono Speedy 25 and the Croissant GM
  7. sell me your mini lin ;) just kidding. i donno about the croissaint gm bag.. always been more of a speedy fan.
  8. i say Croissant GM or your mono 25. keep the cerises speedy!
  9. I would keep just the cerises speedy and the damier 25.
  10. ^ I think that's what I might end up doing. At this point in my life, there's no point in having 4 speedies that will just sit in the closet! I really liked the Croissant GM at first, but then one of my friends commented that it looks like a giant kidney, and now I can't get that image out of my head!
  11. I agree with the rest... I don't care for the Croissant GM (it does look like a giant kidney!).. and since you have the damier speedy 25, you can sell the mono 25. You will love the cerise.. I have the bucket and love it.
  12. Wait for everyhting to arrive and see what you absolutely love. I'm not sure how much you want to downsize but I would get rid of the croissant first. Then depending on how much you want to keep, the ceries speedy, MC agenda, minilin speedy, and zippy wallet in that order.
  13. Sell the Mono Speedy 25 for sure.
  14. I think that the first thing to get rid of would either be the mini lin speedy or the mono speedy or even both ....considering you have your damier and cerise. From there I'd wait to see what you think about the croissant.... but i'd probably get rid of that too....
  15. mono 25 and croissant for sure! keep the mini lin! its a beauty! and its nice to have variety in your collection instead of mostly mono pieces.