What to Keep? MJ Faridah or Botkier Sophie?

  1. SIGH....I have both of these bags sitting in my office right now, the MJ Faridah in Chalk and the Large Botkier Sophie Tote.

    The Large Sophie Tote ($695, but $555 with code) has a much better grade of leather...super soft and very classy, is roomier and a bit more elegant.

    The MJ Faridah ($400) has rough leather, a bit more on the casual side, a bit heavier, and kinda looks soccer mom-ish.

    On one hand, people will definitely recognize the brand MJ, while Botkier is a bit more obscure. I tend to be more of an obscure person, but I'm falling rapidly in love with the MJ. Help me think this through!!!
    botki1004416924_347x683b.jpg Picture 2.jpg
  2. Love the shape of the botkier not to mention the wonderful rich leather they use.
  3. I much prefer the Botkier Sophie for its shape and shade. The MJ Faridah looks as if it has too much going on and looks kinda bulky to me.
  4. That's a toughie. I generally prefer Botkier - it's one of my favorite lines - but I'm not a big fan of that particular design. Hmmm. It looks like the MJ is a shoulder bag and the Botkier is not, so I think it might come down to how you want to use this particular bag. The MJ looks more practical and user friendly to me.
  5. One thing that I'd consider is the color of the bag-white is a tough one to carry around as your everyday bag. I have a Carlos Falchi white pebbled leather Drs. Bag and it gets dirty very easily! Aside from that-I like them both.:yes:
  6. I think the Sophie tote is more stylish and the color is lovely.
  7. Can't help ya. I like both of them:p
  8. Personally, I find a shoulder bag more user friendly. Do the MJ pockets open with a magnet or do you have to undo the rings to open? If you have to undo the rings, then the Botkier, hands down!!!
  9. The MJ pockets open with a magnet. The rings are just for looks.

    I just checked for the MJ Faridah in chalk online, and every single site is sold out of them, and now I don't want to return it. However, the Sophie is still around.

    Makes me want to keep both. :confused1:
  10. I vote for the Botkier. Georgeous!
  11. One last thing: check the sides of the strap on the mj. If the sides of the straps have little cracks and peels, keep the botkier; if not, I'd keep the mj (its' a great looking bag)!
  12. This is hard. I think they're very different bags. Normally I'd prefer the Botkier, but between these two, I think the MJ.
  13. hmm- I normally love MJ, but in this case the Sophie is too gorgeous to pass up!
  14. Okay.. I checked. It has slightly more wrinkles than the rest of the bag, but no cracks or peels.

    Why? What happened? Did someone's fall apart at the part of the strap?
  15. Well, I had the softie and it had that problem. When I returned it to Bloomingdales, I checked the other softie bags and most of them had the problem also. I love marc by marc jacobs bags and haven't spotted that problem on any other of his lines so that's why I wanted you to check your bag. If the strap is good, magnets on pockets, goes on shoulder comfortably, it sounds like a winner to me! ENJOY!!