What to inform SA about the choice of bag?

  1. Hi everyone!
    I have been following this balenciaga thread and am totally overwhelmed by the colours available and e overall , very very cool look of the bag.

    I am days away from ordering a balenciaga city in black from the new york store and i am because this is my first time buying the bag, i need some help from you experts!

    i prefer a bag that does not have too many lines that resembles cracks.. are those what you ladies call, vein?
    does the apple garde conditioner take that away?

    i also prefer one whereby the leather is thicker.... so i wish to know if its originally think or thick leather used for the bag?

    so i need to know what are the important things to tell the Sa when she is choosing a bag out for me?

    Any probles with bbags so far? please let me know =)))))

    the price for the bag is 1195 rite? may i know if tax is already included?

    appreciate all your helps!

    also... i wonder if its too late for me to start on the bag now as it seems like many of u ladies own the bag yrs ahead! i am soooo slow......
  2. I would call BalNY - ask for Kim or Daphne, and say you'd like a smooth bag (do you not really want any wrinkles or veins?) with soft, thick leather. I would def. ask for soft b/c some bags are thick, but not soft. I think the most important thing is that the bag is soft b/c it will soften even more with use and feel even thicker - so when I order a new bbag I always stress that I want it to be very soft.

    The total price should be $1195 - there's no tax outside NYC/NJ and there's no s/h if you choose ground shipping.

    ETA: it's certainly not too late for you to get a beautiful black city:woohoo: I just ordered one today myself and I am SUPPPPER excited!!! A black city is a CLASSIC bag - you will carry it forever:jammin:
  3. ITA with verty...I deal with Kim and she is very nice, patient, and has always understood my leather preferences. She will understand what you want when you explain it to her and she will gladly e-mail you some digital images to make sure you like the bag's leather. It sounds like you don't mind some wrinkles (a nice, even distressing pattern) but do not want it to look veiny (dry, whitish lines) or look dry and crackly (like paint that is going to chip). I have seen many bags like this and most of us do not like this.

    I would tell her I want a black City that is thick, soft, smooth but has a little distressing to add character. If you don't like the picture she sends you try another one. Also, don't worry too much if the bag appears shiny in the pics or once you receive it. It's like a protective glaze that wears away with years of regular use.

    Let us know how everything goes and if you have other questions. Good luck!
  4. Thank you so much for your replies!
    i am so excited and i feel like calling them rightaway!
    verty, i know to ask for smooth , soft and thick leather now! smooth is e word =) thank you!
    bal newbie, thank you ! ok i will ask her for some pictures just to make sure. before that, i wanted so much to see pics of it but was worried about making it a real hassle for them but i guess, well, i beta make sure about how the bag looks now!
    i will update once i've got it and yes, the black city sounds like a really classic piece that can be worn for ages *cross fingers*
  5. Just curious, do many people do phone orders from out of state with BalNY? Do you think this is safer than ordering from styledrops or rafaello, etc., since you can actually ask someone to choose a particular bag?